Old-School Essentials

Necrotic Gnome's critically acclaimed modular retro-clone. This game is a highly polished, 100% accurate restatement of the beloved 1981 Basic / Expert rules, with editing and layout unrelentingly focused on ease of use during play.

Hype around Old-School Essentials

"This is a straight-out 5/5 for anybody who is even remotely interested in checking out an OSR ruleset, and in particular, the most faithful OSR ruleset of them all. Irrespective of whether you buy the Old-School Essentials [Black Box] or the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome, you buy a practically perfect product. The love, affection, and attention to detail that has gone into them is nothing short of extraordinary, as is the meticulous research following a rigorously scientific approach."

Antonios S, RPG.net

"Old School Essential's genius lay in its layout and formatting. It is designed to keep play at the table fast and easy. Rules are clearly expressed and easy to understand. [...] Spells, monsters, magic items, gear - it's all presented with the active purpose of keeping game play going so you don't have to stop because a rule is confusing or because you need to flip through pages to find a clarification. In its presentation, in its layout and formatting, Old School Essentials is sheer genius[...]."

James M. Spahn, Halfling's Luck