About Us

Necrotic Gnome is an indie RPG publisher, known for the critically acclaimed Old-School Essentials and Dolmenwood fantasy adventure games.

Gavin Norman — Founder and Lead Designer

Photo credit: @MelissaMariani

Gavin is the founder of Necrotic Gnome and creator of Old-School Essentials and Dolmenwood. As a native of England, Gavin grew up surrounded by ruined castles, haunted manors, standing stones, twisted woods, and weird folklore. With Fighting Fantasy and the fabled Dungeons & Dragons red box added into the mix, Gavin's lifelong love of fantasy gaming and imaginary worlds was entrenched.

Exalted Funeral Press — Publishing Partner

All Necrotic Gnome products are manifested in partnership with Exalted Funeral Press, who handle everything around manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, distribution, retail sales, and fulfilment. Founded in 2018 by Cristin and Matt Kelley, Exalted Funeral Press is a publisher and online retail store specializing in unique role-playing games and zines.