About Dolmenwood

  • Dolmenwood is a fantasy adventure game set in a lavishly detailed world inspired by the fairy tales and eerie folklore of the British Isles. Like traditional fairy tales, Dolmenwood blends the dark and whimsical, the wondrous and weird.

    Players journey through tangled woods and mossy bowers, forage for magical mushrooms and herbs, discover rune-carved standing stones and hidden fairy roads, venture into fungal grottoes and forsaken ruins, battle oozing monstrosities, haggle with goblin merchants, and drink tea with fairies.

    Streamlined rules and helpful introductory materials guide novice players, while unique new magic and monsters bring a fresh sense of the unknown to veteran role-players.

    Following a hugely successful Kickstarter, the 3 Dolmenwood core books plus a range of adventures, minis, maps, and extras are available to pre-order now.

  • The Books

    We’re launching the 3 Dolmenwood core books, plus a range of extras. The Dolmenwood Player’s Book contains the complete game rules plus all character options. The Dolmenwood Campaign Book and Dolmenwood Monster Book present a detailed campaign setting and bestiary, ready for years of adventure.

  • Characters

    Players may be a proud, goat-headed breggle, a starry-eyed elf stepped straight from Fairy, a tricksome grimalkin cat-fairy, a worldly or hapless human, a fungus-riddled mossling, or a capricious, bat-faced woodgrue. Choose from nine classes: the charming bard, ardent cleric, wilful enchanter, dashing fighter, jolly friar, stealthy hunter, haughty knight, enigmatic magician, or wily thief.

  • Open Sandbox World

    Simple, flavourful rules for travel, exploration, and camping lead characters on adventures across the tangled expanse of the Dolmenwood map. Players can explore 200 map hexes, visit 12 detailed settlements, meet over 280 NPCs, and meddle with the schemes of 7 major factions: the Cold Prince, the Drune, the Human Nobility, the Longhorn Nobility, the Pluritine Church, and the Witches.

  • Familiar, Streamlined Rules

    Dolmenwood uses the acclaimed Old-School Essentials rules system, streamlined, customised, and expanded for the setting. Anyone who’s played a game with six ability scores, classes, hit points, armour class, and saving throws can pick up Dolmenwood in no time.

  • Designed for Play

    Modern formatting and layout make the game easy to learn and a breeze to reference during play. Clear procedures for travel, camping, settlements, dungeons, encounters, and combat make running the game smooth and easy. PDFs are enhanced with clickable hex maps and text hyperlinks for instant navigation.

  • Adventures, Minis, and More

    In addition to the core books, we will be publishing a range of extras, including:

    • Four adventures set in Dolmenwood: The Fungus That Came to BlackeswellThe Ruined Abbey of St ClewydEmelda’s SongWinter’s Daughter.
    • A set of 11 resin player character miniatures, including the unique new Dolmenwood kindreds and classes.
    • A Dolmenwood GM screen, featuring beautiful 4-panel art by Pauliina Hanninuemi.
    • Cloth and poster maps of Dolmenwood, including a GM’s map and a player-friendly map.
    • An 8 track Dolmenwood soundtrack album by the artist Tales Under The Oak, available as 12" LP and digital download.
    • A full set of Dolmenwood fungal dice.
  • Free Preview PDF

    Dive into Dolmenwood with a 76 page preview PDF of material from the 3 core books, including:

    • A player's map of the Wood.
    • The breggle Kindred and cleric and enchanter Classes.
    • Fairy and holy magic.
    • Hounds, pipeleafs, and retainers.
    • Encumbrance and travel rules.
    • Longhorn nobility faction, 4 hexes, Lankshorn town excerpt.
    • 4 monsters: gargoyle, goblin, root thing, yickerwill.
    Preview PDF 
  • Player's Book

    • 192 pages (approx.).
    • 6 kindreds, 9 classes.
    • 300 names, 160 backgrounds, 300 trinkets, 576 quirky characteristics.
    • 168 spells and magical effects.
    • 65 items of adventuring gear, 6 types of armour, 20 weapons.
    • 8 types of dogs, 6 types of mounts, 8 vehicles.
    • 40 tavern dishes, 30 beverages, 20 pipeleafs, 20 medicinal herbs and fungi.
    • 36 moon signs.
  • Campaign Book

    • 464 pages (approx.).
    • 7 factions.
    • 12 settlements.
    • 200 hexes.
    • Over 200 magic items.
    • Over 280 NPCs.
    • 260 rumours.
  • Monster Book

    • 128 pages (approx.).
    • 134 monsters.
    • 580 encounter seeds.
    • 348 monster rumours.
    • 28 NPC stat blocks.