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Old-School Essentials The Necromancer

Old-School Essentials The Necromancer

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Authors: Gavin Norman. Cover artist: Chris Malec.

Wizards who deal with the macabre mysteries of death and undeath are a staple of sword and sorcery fiction and fantasy gaming. While the Old-School Essentials magic-user class has access to some spells within the necromantic domain (for example, horrid classics such as animate dead and death spell), such magic is not the class's primary focus. Enter the necromancer...

To celebrate our recent 10 year anniversary, we’re thrilled to release a free PDF of the necromancer class for Old-School Essentials, written by Gavin Norman.

The PDF contains the necromancer class and the complete list of 72 spells, including such creepy delights as corpse visage, carrion stench, vampiric touch, wall of bones, veil of life, and necrotic gaze.

Play Test Content

This book is presented as in-development content for play testing. The material will be published in its final form in a future Old-School Essentials book.

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