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Welcome to Dolmenwood

Welcome to Dolmenwood

Format: 9 page PDF.
Authors: Gavin Norman. Cover artist: Pauliina Hannuniemi.

This PDF reproduces the initial, introductory section of the full Dolmenwood Player’s Book, providing a wanderer’s first taste of the beguiling, fungus-encrusted realm of Dolmenwood.

About Dolmenwood

Dolmenwood is a fantasy adventure game set in a lavishly detailed world inspired by the fairy tales and eerie folklore of the British Isles. Like traditional fairy tales, Dolmenwood blends the dark and whimsical, the wondrous and weird.

Players journey through tangled woods and mossy bowers, forage for magical mushrooms and herbs, discover rune-carved standing stones and hidden fairy roads, venture into fungal grottoes and forsaken ruins, battle oozing monstrosities, haggle with goblin merchants, and drink tea with fairies.

Streamlined rules and helpful introductory materials guide novice players, while unique new magic and monsters bring a fresh sense of the unknown to veteran role-players.

Read more about Dolmenwood here.

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