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Welcome to Dolmenwood

Welcome to Dolmenwood


Dolmenwood is a weird fairy tale campaign setting written by Gavin Norman.

This document, formatted for ease of home-printing, is an introductory guide for players taking their first footsteps under the eaves of this mythic forest. It discusses the major locales, the sentient races which inhabit them, and the factions which vie for power. Strictly spoiler-free!

The complete Dolmenwood setting is coming soon, as a 3 book set packed with fairy tale magic and eerie folk horror.

  • Book 1: The Dolmenwood Player’s Book: A complete player’s guide to Dolmenwood, including an easy-to-digest setting intro, new classes and races, new equipment, and reams of random tables and rules to bring a fairy tale flavour to life in your games.
  • Book 2: The Dolmenwood Campaign Book: The essential referee’s guide to running campaigns in Dolmenwood, including full info on history, secrets, and factions, plus detailed write-ups 12 settlements and 200 pages of fantastic locations throughout the Wood.
  • Book 3: The Dolmenwood Monster Book: The companion to the Campaign Book, this tome details a host of weird fairy tale inspired monsters that lurk in Dolmenwood.

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