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Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Reference Booklet

Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Reference Booklet

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Format: 32-page staple-bound softcover; A5 (Digest) size.
Authors: Gavin Norman. Cover artist: Rachel Quinlan.

Rules Reference Booklet

A quick reference for Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy, compiling the most important tables, rules, and procedures into a convenient 32-page booklet:

  • Characters: All tables pertaining to player characters, including ability score modifiers, saving throws, class skills, spell progression, and native languages.
  • Game procedures: Summaries of the core rules of the game, including the procedures for dungeon, wilderness, and waterborne adventuring, and combat.
  • Monsters: Complete dungeon encounter tables and monsters listed by Hit Dice.
  • Downtime and equipment: Common character activities between adventures, plus full equipment lists, including mounts, dogs, and vehicles.

Requires Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy

This booklet is a quick reference for the rules contained in the Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome and Referee's Tome.

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