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IN MANUFACTURING: Dolmenwood Player's Book

IN MANUFACTURING: Dolmenwood Player's Book

Format: 192-page hardcover; A4 (Letter) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; ribbon bookmark; endpapers printed with maps and rules summaries.
Authors: Gavin Norman. Cover artist: Ulla Thynell.

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The complete player’s guide to the beguiling realm of Dolmenwood—a moss-clad forest on the borders of Fairy, rife with intrigue, secrets, and magic. Step then, bold and foolhardy adventurer, into the tangled Wood and beware, for little here is as it seems.

Dolmenwood is a weird fairy tale adventure game, conjuring the wonder, horror, whimsy, and strangeness of British folklore. Included in this book:

  • An introduction to the intrigues and mysteries of Dolmenwood.
  • 6 Kindreds: goat-headed breggles, starry-eyed elves, tricksome grimalkin cat-fairies, everyday humans, fungus-riddled mosslings, and bat-faced woodgrues.
  • 9 Classes: bard, cleric, enchanter, fighter, friar, hunter, knight, magician, and thief.
  • 4 kinds of magic: mighty arcane workings, fairy glamours and runes, holy prayers to the saints, and the odd knacks of mosslings.
  • Flavourful equipment with lists of adventuring gear, arms, mounts, hounds, tavern fare, beverages, pipeleafs, fungi, and herbs.
  • Complete game rules, including easy-to-follow procedures for travel, camping, foraging, dungeon delving, encounters, combat, and downtime.

Core book 1 of 3. Referees also need the Dolmenwood Campaign Book and the Dolmenwood Monster Book.

Contains adult themes and elements of horror. May not be suitable for children.

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