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IN DEVELOPMENT: Dolmenwood Player's Book

IN DEVELOPMENT: Dolmenwood Player's Book

Format: 192-page hardcover; A4 (Letter) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; endpapers printed with maps and rules summaries.
Authors: Gavin Norman. Cover artist: Ulla Thynell.

Dolmenwood Kickstarter launching August 9th 2023! Backers will receive nearly complete PDFs of the books shortly after the Kickstarter ends. Sign up for our newsletter to be kept updated!

Dolmenwood Core Book 1

A complete player's guide to the magical forest realm of Dolmenwood — Necrotic Gnome's weird fairy tale campaign setting.

  • Welcome to Dolmenwood: An introduction to the setting, including a player's gazetteer, a player's overview of Dolmenwood, and some rumours and folklore.
  • Starting Play: The basics of RPG play and terminology, plus the rules for character creation and advancement.
  • Kindreds: Six playable kindreds (breggle, elf, grimalkin, human, mossling, woodgrue), each presented with background info, mechanical abilities, tables of names and backgrounds, a table of 50 random trinkets, and a set of eight tables of quirky characteristics.
  • Classes: Nine playable classes (bard, cleric, enchanter, fighter, friar, hunter, knight, magician, thief).
  • Magic: The rules for arcane, fairy, and holy magic, along with complete spell lists.
  • Equipment, Services, and Animals: Detailed lists of adventuring gear, weapons, and armour. Horses, vehicles, and dogs. Richly evocative lists of food, beverages, pipeleaf, herbs, and fungi. Details on hiring the services of specialists and retainers.
  • Adventuring: The core rules of the game, including rules for hazards and challenges, travel and camping in the wilds, dungeon exploration, settlements and downtime, and encounters and combat.
  • Appendices: Extra details on the Dolmenwood calendar, moon signs, the noble houses, and the major saints. Optional Kindred-Classes for players who prefer to play archetypal non-humans (e.g. a grimalkin, rather than a grimalkin thief or a grimalkin minstrel).

Dolmenwood Rules

Built around the acclaimed Old-School Essentials rules, Dolmenwood presents a familiar game with a unique new setting inspired by the fairy tales and eerie folklore of the British Isles. Streamlined rules and helpful introductory materials guide new players, while veteran players experience a fresh sense of the unknown, with new character options, magic, monsters, and treasures.

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