COMING SOON! Carcass Crawler Issue 1

COMING SOON! Carcass Crawler Issue 1

32-page zine + PDF.

Publication date: Estimated late summer 2021.

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Authors: Gavin Norman, James Maliszewski, Donn Stroud; Cover artist: Olivia Politz

The Official Old-School Essentials Zine

The first issue of Carcass Crawler—the official Old-School Essentials zine! Each issue of Carcass Crawler is packed with new material for your games, including new character classes and races, new spells and magic items, new monsters, optional and expanded rules, news, previews of in-development products, short adventures, and more!

  • New classes: Five new character classes! The acolyte, the gargantua, the goblin, the hephaestan, and the kineticist.
  • New races: Three new character races for Advanced Fantasy games! The gargantua, the goblin, and the hephaestan.
  • Advanced armoury: New types of armour and weapons inspired by the Advanced 1st Edition rules and the 1984 Companion set.
  • Black powder weapons: Complete rules for introducing renaissance-style black powder firearms into your game!
  • Fighter combat talents: Optional rules to give fighters a little extra mechanical perk.
  • d6 thief skills: An optional alternative system for thief skills.
  • Adjudicating thief skills: Optional guidelines for adjudicating the use of thief skills and attempts by other characters to perform similar tasks.