IN DEVELOPMENT: Dolmenwood Player's Book

IN DEVELOPMENT: Dolmenwood Player's Book

100+ page deluxe hardcover + PDF.

Publication date: Kickstarter estimated Q1 2023.

Author: Gavin Norman, Cover artist: Ulla Thynell

Dolmenwood Campaign Setting: Book 1

A complete player's guide to the magical forest realm of Dolmenwood — Necrotic Gnome's weird fairy tale campaign setting.

  • Player's background and introduction to Dolmenwood.
  • Details on the 5 major sentient races in Dolmenwood — including pages of random tables to add a unique flavour to PCs and NPCs.
  • 8 new character classes (Dolmenwood Elf, Dolmenwood Knight, Friar, Grimalkin, Hunter, Minstrel, Moss Dwarf, Woodgrue) along with advice on using standard Old-School Essentials classes in Dolmenwood.
  • Rules for creating Dolmenwood characters with separate race and class.
  • New magic, including fairy glamours and moss dwarf knacks.
  • Reams of new equipment, including hounds, beverages, pipeweed, medicinal mushrooms and herbs, and trinkets.
  • Appendices with additional setting info and expanded rules for wilderness exploration and camping.