The Shrike Kickstarter goes live! Plus, OSE Adventure anthologies, killer zine deals, and more!

The Shrike Kickstarter goes live! Plus, OSE Adventure anthologies, killer zine deals, and more!

The Shrike is live on Kickstarter!

The Shrike is an absolutely massive (300+ pages) original dark fantasy sandbox for Old-School Essentials. Explore a shard of Hell itself, manifested as a colossal blade of black iron and stone, driven into the core of a nameless god and spilling divine, defiled, life-warping blood into its environs. The book presents a self-contained gaming universe teeming with intriguing plots, infernal politics, and adventure locations, complete with devilishly enticing player classes tailored to this hellish domain.

For more insights, check this video interview with creator Leo Hunt.

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Knock! on Bundle of Holding

If you haven’t yet gotten your hands on the back issues of this fantastic old-school RPG zine, then Bundle of Holding has a great deal right now—get issues 1–3 on PDF for just US$17.95! Lavishly illustrated and featuring contributions from some of the most exciting writers in the OSR scene, Knock! has never failed to deliver weird, wonderful, and inspiring game content. Grab it on the bundle discount while you can!

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Songs of the Northlanders: Against the Dark

The OSE zine quest goodness continues with this flavourful 20-page gazetteer detailing Sudrland, the ancestral homeland of the Beorning tribes. Featuring three complete dungeons and over 80 keyed encounters, this zine also offers monster variants, new gods and cults, magic items, the town and citizens of Skarvik, and guidance for integrating Sudrland into your campaigns.

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The Cryptid Manual - An Unsual Creatures RPG Monster Manual

What’s that coming over the hill? The Kickstarter page for The Cryptid Manual teases some bizarre creatures inspired by folklore and urban legend, with art, stats, and lore for your campaign.

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Coming Soon From Necrotic Gnome!

Aventure Anthology 1 & 2

The OSE Adventure Anthologies are now being shipped from the printer to the warehouse! We expect that they will be available to order in March.

In case you missed the news, each anthology contains four short adventures from renowned old-school adventure writers, providing exciting locations and challenges from starting levels up to mighty deeds for 9–10th level characters.

We can hardly wait to show off these great adventures! To be emailed when the anthologies are ready to order from our co-publisher Exalted Funeral, sign up below:

Old-School Essentials Adventure Anthology 1
Old-School Essentials Adventure Anthology 2

Carcass Crawler 4

The latest edition of the official Old-School Essentials zine is almost ready! Issue 4 includes new character classes such as the arcane bard and halfling hearthsinger, along with detailed religions and spells for devotees of Law, Chaos, and Neutrality. Enjoy new monsters from the dark depths and explore the magical secrets of arcane grimoires and potion brewing.

Get a sneak peek of the amazing cover by Chris Malec, plus a list of contents, right here!

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