DriveThruRPG Deal of the Day, Isle of the Plangent Mage on Fantasy Grounds, Recent Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and More!

DriveThruRPG Deal of the Day, Isle of the Plangent Mage on Fantasy Grounds, Recent Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and More!

We have exciting news to share, including the DriveThruRPG Deal of the DayIsle of the Plangent Mage on Fantasy Grounds, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, new free resources, and more. So let's dig in!


DriveThruRPG Deal of the Day!

The Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome PDF is Deal of the Day on DriveThru RPG at 50% off, for only $7.50! (down from $15). This book contains the expanded game rules, including 13 fantastic classes, 10 classic races, full equipment lists, and over 200 weird and wonderful spells. The deal commences 4th April at 10am Central US time for one day only! So don't miss out, get it HERE!


Isle of the Plangent Mage on Fantasy Grounds VTT

We are thrilled to announce that the Old-School Essentials adventure Isle of the Plangent Mage is now on Fantasy Grounds Virtual Tabletop! An idyllic cove harbours deep secrets. Magic and sound are entwined harmoniously, while dark things lurking in the depths rise to explore new avenues through previously locked portals. Adventurers will be changed as they explore the depths of the Undertower, unlock strange musical puzzles, and reveal the glorious treasures of the Isle of the Plangent Mage! Writing by Donn Stroud, art by David Hoskins. Check it out HERE!


In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe on Fantasy Grounds VTT

The acclaimed Old-School Essentials third-party adventure In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe is now on Fantasy Grounds! A chaotic group of outlaws and brigands have braved the Labyrinth of Shadow and taken control of the ancient ruined Tower of The Builders from its elven stewards. Their leader, Duard Silveraxe, seeks the power which the elves have vowed to keep hidden—immortality and strange magical abilities granted to one greedy enough to perform a ritual, and his appetite for conquering will not easily be satiated. Check it out HERE!


Recent Third-Party Products

Rozdollya: The Wildlands

Inspired by Ukrainian/Slavic folklore, Rozdollya began as the marriage home to Voluh, bog of warriors, and his wife Lel, boginya of love. Then the vile Tsar Ariadyk rose to power and swept through Meru with a mysterious demon horde in an attempted coup. Put down by the forces of light, the decision to imprison him was made, as well as to construct a home for the souls of the brave warriors who perished battling him! Available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.


Dungeon Plumbers

This is a dieselpunk fantasy zine compatible with Old-School Essentials. Contains an overview of the dieselpunk genre, lots of tables to help you build worlds and campaigns with dieselpunk elements, and an example setting called Dungeon Plumbers. Also contains 9 new classes, over a dozen monsters, 2 sample adventures, new gear and weapons, new weapon qualities and optional rules, solo mode rules, a new ability score, a character sheet, rules for channeling weird magic, hazards, encounters, and more! Available in PDF from DriveThru RPG. Print + PDF from Exalted Funeral. 


The Gemeria Code

Depending on who you ask, Gemeria was a hero, sorceress, illusionist, artificer, witch, artist, poet, trickster, seductress, or villain. She made her mark on history, becoming incorporated into children’s fables playing all of those roles. Her cryptic language of mystic glyphs is carved into the walls of every significant city and dungeon in the world. A century later, her secret lair has been discovered, potentially holding the key to her secrets. The race is on to decipher her code and profit off the knowledge and power contained in her home! Available in PDF from

Populated Hexes

The Populated Hexes series provides a series of highly detailed 6-mile hexes that can be plugged into an existing setting to provide an encounter location, or used as a mini-campaign setting. Also available is the Populated Hexes Monthly series, a collection of shorter, stand-alone hexes for Old-School Essentials that focus on a single encounter or location. Available in PDF + print from Third Kingdom Games.


Ten Foot Pole Contest Old-School Essentials Entries

Several short adventures compatible with Old-School Essentials were entered into the Wavestone Keep adventure design contest at Bryce Lynch's Ten Foot Pole blog/review site! The rules were 9 encounters and 8 pages, and they were to be inspired by another adventure called Wavestone Keep.

Surgerock Vault

The very oceans and seas tremble in fear of the floating rock that parts its waves, traveling to destinations only the gods know. The pock marked monstrosity defies sinking as it roams the sea, its cargo a mystery. What deadly mysteries reside within this strange floating rock? Available in PDF from DriveThru RPG.

Guimond's Light

Beware the woolly menace! Just what manner o' beast is Old Gumption, and where are the crows? These secrets and more may be left hanging after you have visited Guimond's Light! Available in PDF from DriveThru RPG.

The Keep of the Dragon Turtle Greth – Take 2

The Iguanamen queen Iss'thi'qua, who wears the Crown of Dragon Turtle Control that controls Greth. If the party can kill Iss'thi'qua, they can get the crown and gain control of Greth! Available in PDF from DriveThru RPG.


Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

Aquatic Adventures

From the team that brought you The Scourge of the Scorn Lords and Old School & Cool, comes an aquatic supplement for Old-School Essentials! 8 new aquatic classes, 11 new spells, 59 new magic items (including 16 legendary items), 64 new underwater monsters, rules for adventuring beneath the water, and more! Underwater settings have been a large part of old-school gaming since the very beginning—underwater kingdoms, hidden coastal coves, monsters shambling out of the deeps. Creatures wondrous and strange and oft deadly, new magics and primal beings and ancient wisdom. Aquatic Adventures provides you with the tools to create your perfect underwater world. Pledge HERE!

New Free Resources

There are lots of new, free PDF downloads on the Necrotic Gnome website which add resources to your games, including:

Cleric & Magic User Spell Tracker
Druid & Illusionist Spell Tracker
Dungeon Time Tracker
Purist Character Sheet, updated with the option for item-based encumbrance (coming in Carcass Crawler issue #2 in April!).


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