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Old-School Essentials Purist Character Sheet

Old-School Essentials Purist Character Sheet

Authors: Gavin Norman.

The official character sheet for the Old-School Essentials game. (Also usable with most other old-school games!)

  • All basic stats: ability scores, saving throws, hit points, Armour Class, etc.
  • Sections for standard exploration skills (e.g. listening at doors) and movement rates.
  • Space for your character portrait or symbol!
  • Hints for common rules (e.g. how to make an ability check).
  • Optional section for encumbrance tracking.
  • A4 size.
  • Form-fillable.

This product includes four character sheet variants: Descending Armour Class, Ascending Armour Class, standard equipment / encumbrance tracking, item-based encumbrance tracking.

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