Temporarily UK Orders Only

Remember the recent announcement that all of our stock was being transferred to a warehouse in Germany? Well, unfortunately the best laid plans of gnomes and men have encountered a hitch. A double hitch in this case: the pre-Brexit rush to export to the EU combined with increasing severity of pandemic-related lockdowns.

In summary, our stock sadly didn't make it out of the UK. Shipping from the UK to Europe is still incredibly backed up, so the move to the German warehouse is probably going to be further delayed.

In the meantime, we've decided to reopen the store, but temporarily only serving orders within the UK. There are a lot of extra requirements now around shipping from the UK to the EU, so we'll only reopen EU orders once we've got everything set up (or once the stock transfer to Germany succeeds).

Apologies for the confusion! Brexit during a pandemic is a very confusing time.


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>What’s the situation with the UK deliveries? I really want physical copies of the Crawler Zine.

Our co-publisher Exalted Funeral is setting up a UK store and has lots of stock ready (including Carcass Crawler). The last we heard, there was some technical difficulty with the new store that they’re investigating. If you have any questions about that you’re best off contacting them: support@exaltedfuneral.com.

Customer Support

What’s the situation with the UK deliveries? I really want physical copies of the Crawler Zine.

M Skail

Ahhh, having a sale for Advanced Fantasy books while you can’t ship abroad is just cruel! I’d happily pay you for the books now to receive them whenever it becomes possible.



I know this shop in Germany has copies: https://www.citycomics.eu/shop/p/6zvuqckgq1d93g0ql4x47wiqewjqk7

Gavin Norman

Hi There,

I was wondering if there is ANY way, I can purchase the books that are on sale as I’m currently living in Italy. Unexpectedly due to Covid. However, I’m using D&D / RPG to teach kids english here and want to use this system.

I know there are problems with the shipping or such at this time, but wondering if there is ANY possible way to purchase the books in English, somehwere in EU and have them delivered?

Or perhaps a store here in Florence Italy?

Thanks, you guys did a FANTASTIC job on this system.

Charlie La Greca

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