Store Offline for Stock Transfer

Store Offline for Stock Transfer

You may have noticed that the Necrotic Gnome store is currently offline. The reason for this is that all of our stock is currently being packed up for transit between warehouses. While everything's being shuffled around, it feels safer to not accept orders — we want to make sure all orders are handled smoothly and that stock levels are tracked correctly.

The store is expected to be back online in the new year. (Though obviously in these pandemic-stricken times, it's difficult to give accurate dates.)

Transit Between Warehouses?

In fact, the stock is being moved from the UK to Germany. Yes, Brexit is impending.

As a company based in the EU (Germany) with our stock stored in a warehouse in the UK, we've been keenly awaiting a clean resolution to the issues around post-Brexit trade between the UK and EU. As no resolution appears to be forthcoming, we've made the decision to move our stock to Germany.

This means that once the store goes back online all orders at will be shipped from Germany. EU customers will continue to pay no import duties. UK customers may have to reckon with import duties, depending on how things develop post-Brexit.

In the future we may be ready to make the jump to having multiple warehouses in different countries (e.g. one in the EU and one in the UK). Currently, however, as a small publisher we don't have the logistical capacity to manage multiple warehouse locations.

No Change to Kickstarter Fulfillment

Just a note to any UK/EU backers of our recent Kickstarter who are reading this and wondering whether this affects the UK- and EU-friendly fulfillment: it does not. Our partner Exalted Funeral will still be fulfilling UK backers' rewards from within the UK and EU backers' rewards from within the EU as promised.

(Post header image by Tom Kilian.)

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Great. I will start pestering shops once the advanced rules compendium goes up for sale!

Gordon Richards

>Bloody Brexit! Will you be sending stock to UK shops? Leisure Games used to stock Old School Essentials but stopped.

Yeah, any UK store that wants to order will still be welcome to do so.

Gavin Norman

Bloody Brexit! Will you be sending stock to UK shops? Leisure Games used to stock Old School Essentials but stopped.

Gordon Richards

The joys of Brexit! Hope it goes well for you 👍

Dave McAlister

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