Preview: Dolmenwood Player's Book Cover!

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A while back, I revealed the Dolmenwood logo by Tim Hastings. Well, things have been progressing steadily and I have some very exciting news to share today. I just got the final cover art for the Dolmenwood Player's Book in from artist Ulla Thynell!

Putting the logo and the cover art together, we have a full preview of what the Player's Book will look like! Feast your eyes on this scene of wonder...

(Text not necessarily final.)

The Dolmenwood Player's Book will be an A4 hardcover with around 110 pages, produced to the same deluxe quality standards as the Old-School Essentials books. The book is already mostly written and is currently being play tested.

Remember that the Dolmenwood Player's Book is to be accompanied by the Dolmenwood Campaign Book for referees. I'll share a cover preview for that soon as well! This post discusses the two books in more detail.

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  • Rudolf Hellmuth on

    Beautiful! Well done. I can’t wait for getting my hands on this book!

  • Gavin Norman on

    >Looks fantastic! Is any of this game available now?

    Dolmenwood was first explored in the zine Wormskin ( The new books compile and greatly expand the material from the zine.

  • Jeffery Hines on

    I can’t wait for this book. I’ve purchased everything you guys have put out.

  • Christopher Kubasik on

    I just had my first session (online, of course) using the Dolmenwood setting this past Wednesday. I just took a couple of hours this morning to type up some notes from the session, dig into material found in Wormskin and online…

    And I want to thank you so much for all this wonderful material. It is rich and evocative.

    The cover above is exactly the kind of imagery I’ve always wanted for an RPG. I expect I’ll be running material in Dolmenwood for some time to come!

  • Michael Little on

    Looks fantastic! Is any of this game available now?

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