The Dolmenwood Logo Unveiled

The Dolmenwood Logo Unveiled

Following the recent announcements about all of the exciting Dolmenwood products coming up this year (the Dolmenwood Player's Book and the Dolmenwood Campaign Book), I have another exciting development to share!

I just received the final design of the Dolmenwood logo, created by Tim Hastings (Mindkillerink)! This is the logo which will grace the covers of the hardcover Dolmenwood books.

I don't have cover art for the books just yet, so I can't share a preview of how the logo will look on the covers, but here it is in the context of the work-in-progress title page for the play test version of the Dolmenwood Player's Book.

(Cold Prince icon by Chris Huth.)

More news on all things Dolmenwood as further developments occur!


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I’m so psyched for this book coming out

Zach K.

This logo is epic. Captures the feel perfectly.

Paul Harrison


Paul Pipeline

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