OSE Adventure Anthologies 1 + 2 (and More...?)

OSE Adventure Anthologies 1 + 2 (and More...?)

We're very excited to announce the publication of two new 64 page hardcovers of official Old-School Essentials adventures! Available now as digest-sized (A5) premium hardcover books and in PDF, each of these formidable tomes features four adventures written and illustrated by some of the top names in the old-school RPG scene today.

Adventure Anthology 1

Volume 1 offers a variety of scenarios for low-level characters to kickstart your imagination, capped off with a high-level challenge that should test the mettle of any veteran adventurer!

  • The Jeweler’s Sanctum (Levels 1-3): An abandoned workshop filled with magical secrets and unique treasures.
  • Curse of the Maggot God (Levels 2-3): A sewer lair haunted by a heretical cult and hideous monster.
  • The Sunbathers (Level 3): Uncover sinister secrets hidden within a corrupted temple.
  • The Comet That Time Forgot (Level 9+): Escape from a doomed comet hurtling through space, inhabited by distinct factions and fearsome foes.

Available now in PDF and Print + PDF!

Adventure Anthology 2

Volume 2 pits adventurers against forces murky and maleficent, containing solid challenges for beginning and mid-level characters.

  • Barrow of the Bone Blaggards (Levels 1-3): Uncover the dark secrets of a newly opened burial mound and clash with uncharacteristically lively skeletons.
  • Shrine of the Oozing Serpent (Levels 1-3): Brave the slime-filled lair of an ooze dragon, its greasy minions, and some…necrotic gnomes?
  • Cathedral of the Crimson Death (Levels 4-6): Confront an eldritch plague and an evil death cult in their profane stronghold.
  • The Ravener’s Ghat (Levels 6-8): Venture into the cursed ruins of an ancient temple once inhabited by a rakshasa.

Available now in PDF and Print + PDF!

Further Adventures...?

Assuming the first two Adventure Anthologies are well received, we have plans for further volumes. The anthologies are a super nice format (64 page hardcovers each with four short adventures by different authors), and we have a long list of authors we'd love to work with on future volumes.

Additionally, we have two (as yet not properly announced) full-length Old-School Essentials adventures in the pipeline.

Our current development focus is of course on finishing up everything for the Dolmenwood Kickstarter. Once that's wrapped up (around mid 2024), we have lots of exciting plans for future OSE and Dolmenwood products. Keep an eye on our newsletter for news and announcements!

Player's Tome Reprint

A quick note on the OSE Player's Tome, which is currently sold out at Exalted Funeral: a reprint is in progress—expected in the warehouse in a couple of months. A huge number of copies from the last print run went into distribution. So the book should still be available in lots of gaming stores.

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>I have the anthology number 2 zip in my Drive-thru library, but not number 1. Did I miss an email with a link?

Hi Glenn, if you backed the OSE box sets Kickstarter (2022) you’re best off contacting support@exaltedfuneral.com with questions about missing rewards. They’ll be able to look into it for you.
Hope that helps!
Rachel / Customer Support

Customer Support

I have the anthology number 2 zip in my Drive-thru library, but not number 1. Did I miss an email with a link?

Glenn Robinson

>Are the reprinted player’s books still using the OGL?

Yes, they’re simply reprints of the books as previously published.

Customer Support

Are the reprinted player’s books still using the OGL?


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