Old-School Essentials Rules System Category at DriveThruRPG!

Old-School Essentials Rules System Category at DriveThruRPG!

Great news! Our friends at DriveThruRPG have just added Old-School Essentials to their list of rules systems!

Central List of All Products Tagged as OSE

This mean that you can now view all products tagged with the Old-School Essentials rules category by using the Rules System selectors, like this:

Currently, all official Old-School Essentials products from Necrotic Gnome are tagged with the new category. As other publishers tag their products, the list will expand.

Publishers: How to Add Your OSE Products

If you've got an Old-School Essentials product set up at DriveThruRPG (whether free, PYWY, or for sale), you can add it to the Old-School Essentials category as follows:

If you have any questions, just drop by the Old-School Essentials 3PP Facebook group or the #ose-3pp Discord channel.

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