Old-School Essentials Third Party Products


As products are released for Old-School Essentials using the third party license (see the license here), we'll keep this list up to date so that it serves as a repository of all products released specifically for OSE. (Also remember that anything released for B/X or other compatible games is usable with Old-School Essentials as well!)


  • Third party products are not affiliated with or approved by Necrotic Gnome.
  • Links to DriveThruRPG are affiliate links, so purchasing via them supports Necrotic Gnome as well as the third party creator!

Appendix N Entertainment

Lost Classes: The Arnesonian Classes: PDF / Print

Solar Sanctuary of the Cannibal Corpse: PDF / Print

Hidden Hand of the Horla: PDF / Print

Dungeon Antology

Red Box Rogues: PDF

Earl of Fife Games

Slaves to Fate: PDF

Knight Owl Publishing

The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia: PDF / Print

Worm Witch: The Life and Death of Belinda Blood: PDF / Print

Invasion of the Tuber Dudes: PDF

Lucille L. Blumire

Strike the Sandwich: PDF

Gridventory System: PDF


Oldskull Game Expansions Book I - Character Creation: PDF

Oldskull Game Expansions Book II - 1977 Bestiary: PDF

Oldskull Game Expansions III - Adventurer's Arsenal: PDF

Oldskull Game Expansions Book IV - Turn Tracker: PDF

Oneiromantic Press

Ominous Crypt of the Blood Moss: PDF / Print

Planar Compass

Planar Compass Issue 1: PDF / Print

The Other Side Publishing

The Craft of the Wise: The Pagan Witch Tradition: PDF

The Warlock: PDF

Stormforge Productions

Gothic Horror Monster-As-Class: PDF

Third Kingdom Games

Domain Building: PDF

Hexcrawl Basics: PDF

Random Weather Generation: PDF

The Lake of Abominations: PDF

Wealth by NPC Level: PDF

A Guide to Thieves' Guilds: PDF

Keep of the Rawhide Gang: PDF

Eyrie of the Eaglefolk: PDF

Forest of Plenty: PDF

Three Swords and Three Ravens

Human Race-as-Class: PDF

Tim Bannock

Tales from Dalentown: Trueland Gazetteer for 1st Edition and BX: PDF

U.H.H.H. Games

Thicc as Thieves: PDF

Valley of the Cracked Helm: PDF

The Welsh Piper

BX Options: Class Builder: PDF / Print

WinterBlight's Challenge

Betrayal At Tarsus Mor: PDF

Blind Mans Alley: PDF

Godsfall – Forge Of The Heavens: PDF