Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter Pre-Launch Page!

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I'm very excited to be able to share the pre-launch page for the upcoming Advanced Fantasy Kickstarter! The launch date of the Kickstarter hasn't been announced yet, but you can sign up at the pre-launch page to be notified as soon as it's live! (It'll be in August, so very soon now!)

What's All This About?

Here's a little extract from the Kickstarter description:

In April 2019, Necrotic Gnome Kickstarted Old-School Essentials — a role-playing game of magic, monsters, and adventure. Following the incredible success of that Kickstarter, Exalted Funeral and Necrotic Gnome are joining forces to produce a massively expanded version of the game plus a set of brand new adventure scenarios!

Old-School Essentials Expanded

The base Old-School Essentials game is a faithful retelling of the 1981 Basic/Expert rules, beloved for their simplicity, clarity, and flexibility. Sometimes you want MORE though!
In answer to that call, we're now primed to produce a massively expanded version of the game — Old-School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy — adding reams of exciting content inspired by the ever-popular Advanced 1st Edition rules. All that delicious esoteric 1970s flavour you crave is here — assassins, poisons, drow, half-orcs, mimics, xorns, vorpal swords, ioun stones... even the dreaded tarrasque! More classes, more magic, more monsters, more options. All 100% compatible with the Basic/Expert rules and presented in the familiar Old-School Essentials style.
Just like previous Old-School Essentials products, Old-School Essentials: Advanced Fantasy will be produced at a deluxe level of quality — hardcover books with sewn bindings. These will be beautiful and seriously durable books! The new material will be printed in two different formats — slim, modular books and chunky, compiled tomes. Choose the format you prefer, or take the connoisseur's option and choose both!

Want to Read More?

There's been a series of blog posts over the last weeks with more information and previews:

Want to read even more? Full info on everything will be revealed when the Kickstarter launches. Very soon now!

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  • John on

    There are two new modular sized books, and then they’ve compiled them all into two new rules tomes. So think like owning AD&D vs. D&D.

  • Gavin Norman on

    >So…what’s the difference between this KS and the existing Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Genre Rules that I already own?

    Advanced Fantasy: Genre Rules is book 1 of a 4 book set. The others are: 2. Druid and Illusionist Spells (which you quite likely also already have), 3. Advanced Fantasy: Monsters, and 4. Advanced Fantasy: Treasures.

    The Monsters and Treasures books are completely new and will be published following this new Kickstarter (assuming it funds).

    If you want AD&D-inspired monsters and magic items in your OSE game, you’ll probably be interested in these two new books. (Not everyone does want this, of course. They’re purely optional supplements to the game.)

    For people who don’t already have Old-School Essentials (or people who love big tomes), we’ll also be producing a pair of new tomes compiling all of the previously published Classic Fantasy material plus all of the new Advanced Fantasy material.

    There’s more info here: https://necroticgnome.com/blogs/news/old-school-essentials-advanced-fantasy

  • I don't get tit... on

    So…what’s the difference between this KS and the existing Old School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Genre Rules that I already own?

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