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IN DEVELOPMENT: Dolmenwood Monster Book

IN DEVELOPMENT: Dolmenwood Monster Book

Format: 128-page hardcover; A4 (Letter) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; endpapers printed with rules summaries.
Authors: Gavin Norman. Cover artist: Ulla Thynell.

Dolmenwood Kickstarter launching August 9th 2023! Backers will receive nearly complete PDFs of the books shortly after the Kickstarter ends. Sign up for our newsletter to be kept updated!

Dolmenwood Core Book 3

A complete monster manual for the magical forest realm of Dolmenwood — Necrotic Gnome's weird fairy tale campaign setting.

  • Monsters of Dolmenwood: An introduction to the monsters of Dolmenwood, including details on the stat block format used and guidelines for creating new monsters.
  • Bestiary: 87 fairy tale monsters, each presented as a full-page write-up along with a colour illustration.
  • Appendices: Stats for 8 types of normal humans, all 9 classes of adventurers, and 46 common species of animals. Guidelines for generating NPC adventuring parties. Rumours about the monsters in the bestiary.

List of Monsters

  • Bestiary: Antler Wraith; Banshee; Barrowbogey; Black Tentacles; Bog Corpse; Bog Salamander; Boggin; Brainconk; Brambling; Breggle—Longhorn; Breggle—Shorthorn; Centaur—Bestial; Centaur—Sylvan; Cobbin; Crookhorn; Deorling—Doe; Deorling—Stag; Devil Goat; Drune—Audrune; Drune—Braithmaid; Drune—Cottager; Drune—Drunewife; Elf—Courtier; Elf—Knight; Elf—Wanderer; Fairy Horse; Gelatinous Hulk; Gloam; Goblin; Grimalkin; Harridan; Headless Rider; Jack-o’-Lantern; Kelpie; Madtom; Marsh Lantern; Mogglewomp; Mossling; Mould Oracle; Musk Boar; Nutcap; Ochre Slime-Hulk; Pook Morel; Redcap; Redslob; Root Thing; Scarecrow; Scrabey; Snail, Giant—Mutant; Snail, Giant—Psionic; Sprite; Talking Animal; Troll; Unicorn—Corrupt; Witch; Witch Owl; Wodewose; Woodgrue; Wronguncle; Wyrm—Black Bile; Wyrm—Blood; Wyrm—Phlegm; Wyrm—Yellow Bile; Yickerwill; Basilisk; Cockatrice; Crystaloid; Galosher; Gargoyle; Ghoul; Griffon; Harpy; Manikin; Manticore; Merfaun; Ogre; Onyx Blob; Peryton; Shadow; Shape-Stealer; Skeleton; Spectre; Treant; Unicorn—Pure; Werewolf; Wicker Giant; Wight.
  • Animals: Ant, Giant; Bat, Giant; Bat, Vampire; Bear; Boar; Burrowing Beetle, Giant; Carrion Worm; Catfish, Giant; Centipede, Giant; Crab, Giant; False Unicorn; Fire Beetle, Giant; Fly, Giant; Gelatinous Ape; Gobble; Hawk; Hawk, Giant; Headhog; Honey Badger; Insect Swarm; Killer Bee; Leech, Giant; Lurkey; Merriman; Moss Mole; Owlbear; Pike, Giant; Puggle; Purple Worm; Rapacious Beetle, Giant; Rat, Giant; Red Deer; Shaggy Mammoth; Slug, Giant; Snake—Adder; Snake—Giant Python; Spider, Giant; Stirge; Swamp Sloth; Toad, Giant; Trotteling; Weasel, Giant; Woad; Wolf; Wolf, Dire; Yegril.

    Dolmenwood Rules

      Built around the acclaimed Old-School Essentials rules, Dolmenwood presents a familiar game with a unique new setting inspired by the fairy tales and eerie folklore of the British Isles. Streamlined rules and helpful introductory materials guide new players, while veteran players experience a fresh sense of the unknown, with new character options, magic, monsters, and treasures.
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