• Online Rules Reference

    The complete Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy game, online for free! Perfect for introducing new players to the game.

    Online Rules Reference 
  • Generator Tools

    A set of online tools to quickly roll encounters, treasure hoards, magic items, NPCs, and more.

    Generator Tools 
  • Old-School Essentials Errata

    A document listing any little errors fixed in each printing of the Old-School Essentials rule books and adventures.

    Old-School Essentials Errata 
  • Third-Party Products

    A massive range of Old-School Essentials adventures, settings, and supplements published by other companies.

    Third-Party Products 
  • Third-Party License

    Want to publish something for Old-School Essentials? We have a simple, free-to-use license.

    Third-Party License 

About Old-School Essentials

  • The Essential Old-School Fantasy RPG

    Old-School Essentials is an award-winning role-playing game of fantastic adventure, monsters, and magic. Players delve into forbidden crypts and forsaken ruins, explore haunted forests and perilous mountain ranges, sail the high seas in search of lost lands, recover fabulous treasures, and unearth secrets of ancient magic.

  • Simple, Robust Rules

    Light, easily modified rules put the focus of play on shared imagination, improvisation, and fun. The game's core rules cover the essentials of fantasy gaming: delving into dungeons, exploring the wilderness, voyaging across the seas, and founding strongholds.

  • Easy to Learn and Reference

    Modern formatting and layout make the game easy to learn and a breeze to reference during play. The game is designed around "control panels", presenting each topic on two side-by-side pages. The rules are quick to reference, even in the heat of battle.

  • Deluxe Print Quality and Art

    Deluxe quality hardcover books are filled with evocative art from leading old-school illustrators. Our books feature luxurious, high quality paper and stitched bindings for high durability. Ribbon markers and printed endpapers enhance quick reference.

  • Compatible With Decades of Material

    Based on the beloved 1980s Basic/Expert rules, Old-School Essentials is compatible with decades of classic adventures and supplements. Material published for all 20th century editions of the world's most popular fantasy RPG can be used with minimal conversion effort.

  • Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy

    The classic Old-School Essentials game comes in two formats — each with the same content. Love box sets? Go for the Classic Game Set (box set of 5 books). Prefer everything in one book? Go for the Classic Fantasy Rules Tome.

  • Check Out Old-School Essentials For Free

    Download the Old-School Essentials Basic Rules — a fully illustrated, 56-page introduction to the game with the basic rules players need to create characters and embark on adventures. The complete Classic Fantasy rules are also available for free in our Online Rules Reference.