Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome

Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome

Print (via Exalted Funeral): $40 / PDF: $15

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248-page hardcover; A5 (Digest) size; deluxe quality sewn binding; 2 ribbon markers; endpapers printed with quick reference info

Author: Gavin Norman, Cover artist: Peter Mullen

Complete Advanced Fantasy Player's Guide

An advanced game with a rich selection of character options and magic. The Advanced Fantasy Player’s Tome is a complete player’s guide in a deluxe hardcover book:

    Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy is a "best of" old-school gaming: a complete retelling of the classic 1980s Basic/Expert game expanded with reams of extras inspired by the 1970s Advanced 1st Edition rules.

    Advanced Fantasy Book 2: Referee's Tome

    Referees also require the companion book, the Advanced Fantasy Referee’s Tome.