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Return to Dolmenwood!

Deep in hoary old Dolmenwood, a long-forgotten burial mound looms behind a ring of standing stones where the sinister Drune congregate. Within the tomb lie the treasures and mortal remains of the knight Sir Chyde. Folklore knows him as a hero of the wars of mortal against fairy, in ancient times, when men and women finally wrested dominion of Dolmenwood from the frigid grasp of the cruel Cold Prince.

A tempting site for those who seek to unravel the secrets of the past (or just rob tombs). But those who intrude upon the quiet sanctity of the tomb may awaken forces long dormant. Sir Chyde was secretly betrothed to a fairy princess and daughter of the Cold Prince, and their souls have waited—beyond time and death—for the day when they may be reunited.

Can your band of heroes or ne'er-do-wells unravel the riddles of the tomb of the giant-slayer?

  • Suitable for characters of 1st to 3rd level.
  • 24 pages (old-school version) or 36 pages (5th edition version).

Old-School or 5th Edition?

You choose (see the Rules System selector, above). Or go for the connoisseur's option: add one of each to your cart.

The 5th edition conversion of the adventure was orchestrated by the maximally erudite Thilo Graf. Though the rules of the converted version are modern to the utmost, the vibe of the adventure remains strictly old-school.

Deluxe Print Edition

We're primed to produce this adventure with a high-quality printer in Europe. Feast your eyes on these stats:

  • Digest-sized (A5) hardcover. (It will look great alongside your LotFP books.)
  • Durable, sewn binding. (Press the pages flat. No really, it's safe!)
  • Lovely creamy-tinted paper. (Ooh, creamy.)
  • Maps and area summaries printed on the end papers of the book for super easy access. (You know, inside the cover.)

Illustrations and Cartography

For this book, we have brought together two forces majeures of the fantastic:

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