Zine Quest 2024! Discover exciting new adventures, classes, and supplements for OSE!

Zine Quest 2024! Discover exciting new adventures, classes, and supplements for OSE!

What adventurer worthy of the name can resist a good quest? Especially when that quest takes you through a landscape of weird and wonderful new content for Old-School Essentials!

Kickstarter’s annual Zine Quest is underway, with plenty of exciting third-party OSE supplements for anyone brave enough to hear the call to adventure! We’ve rounded up a few favourites to highlight for you:

Secret Vault of the Windswept Island

Trapped in a death cult’s dungeon, characters must cooperate to survive and retrieve a powerful soul-infused sword. A unique death mechanic brings back fallen characters as ghosts, keeping players engaged without the need to roll new characters mid-adventure. This adventure for levels 1–3 features fantastic artwork by Colin Lor, known for his comic: "Spirits: The Soul Collector"!

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Gary's Appendix: Issue 5

Celebrate the legacy of Gary Gygax’s legendary AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide with the latest issue of Gary’s Appendix! Issue #5 features articles covering investigative scenarios, spycraft, governments, wandering monsters, real-life supernatural legends, and expanded bestiary entries to add more depth to classic OSE monsters.

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Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 31

The latest instalment of Populated Hexes Monthly details the barrow-riddled Southern Reaches of the Zelaian Steppe and explores deities and godhood, including methods to vanquish a deity and what happens to their remains. Additionally, it introduces innovative rules for cleric abilities, featuring a sample trio of gods—Imorras of the Wild Hunt, Onaorer the Unmaker, and Saurenthdthin the South Wind—along with new spells tailored for each deity's clerics.

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Old School & Cool 5: The Siege

Ever thought there could be a bit more action in the Keep on the Borderlands? Well, you’re in luck. Set in a mysterious keep on the edge of reality, players are thrust into a deadly, multi-dimensional siege to assail or defend its enigmatic secrets. Featuring streamlined rules for mass combat, random tables, a fully detailed keep, siege equipment, and captivating new spells and magic items, the zine is packed full of game content and awesome art. Whether seeking glory in attack or defence, your players are in for some juicy, skull-crushing old-school adventure!

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Fantastical Classes: Blobs vs. Blades

Swordmages, Snake People, Slimes, and more! Fantastical Classes: Blobs vs. Blades introduces six innovative OSE character classes. From the scholarly Adept to the agile Fury, and the venomous Ophidian to the mystical Dancer, players will uncover exciting new options to engage with the game. Stretch goals promise further exotic class options like the Valkyrie and Fellan to add some spice to your OSE campaign, so back now for even more fantastic classes!

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The Curse of Mizzling Grove

Delve into Renwall Tower and the cursed Mizzling Grove, including intriguing landmarks like the Tortoise-Sage Pond, the Lightning-struck Tree, and the Highwaymen's Cave. Authored by Nova of Playful Void and illustrated by Noisis of Vaulting Skies, this adventure is furnished with detailed maps for players and referees, 20 unique NPCs or foes, and plenty of enticing secrets.

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