Welcome to Dolmenwood PDF Updated, third-party products and Kickstarters, Old-School Essentials Character Creation Example, Czech SRD, and more!

Welcome to Dolmenwood PDF Updated, third-party products and Kickstarters, Old-School Essentials Character Creation Example, Czech SRD, and more!

We have exciting news to share, including an updated Welcome to Dolmenwood PDF Updated, third-party products and Kickstarters, Old-School Essentials Character Creation Example, Czech SRD, and more. So let's dig in!

Welcome to Dolmenwood PDF Updated

As the Kickstarter for the Dolmenwood campaign setting approaches (currently estimated for early 2023), we've updated the free Welcome to Dolmenwood PDF with the latest introductory material from the full Dolmenwood Player's Book. Welcome to Dolmenwood is an introductory guide for those new to Necrotic Gnome’s weird fairy tale setting, Dolmenwood. Check it out HERE! 

Old-School Essentials Character Creation Example

The speed at which characters can be created in Old-School Essentials is one of the great advantages of the system. Instead of needing to spend a whole "session 0" creating characters, a party can be created in a short time and be ready to dive into their first adventure right away. As an instructional aid to players who are new to the game, this blog post goes through an example of creating a character in Old-School Essentials, a fairly simple procedure, taking experienced players around 10 minutes. Check it out HERE!

Third-Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

Black God's Kiss

This is a perilous setting for Old-School Essentials, or a standalone microgame for two players, with custom rules and streamlined mechanics for enduring cosmic horror in an eldritch pocket dimension. Based on the fantasy fiction of C.L. Moore, who stands as one of the great sword & sorcery and weird tale authors of the early 20th century, the box set contains everything you need to delve into the star-lit realm of the Black God—explore forbidden ruins, encounter wretched creatures, and retrieve a weapon of dreadful power...the Black God’s Kiss! Pledge NOW!


The Den of Nightmares and Sweets

The is a horror adventure featuring a haunted house act organized by a troupe of showmen and entertainers, who turn out to have staged their performance in a place that is haunted by ghosts. Includes horror and humor, such as plastic skeletons next to real human remains, and fake cut-out limbs stuffed with straw next to a real corpse. It's violent but ridiculous, funny but macabre. You’ll laugh, scream and cry at the same time! Pledge NOW!

Recent Third Party Old-School Essentials Products

The Hybrid Bone Effigy Crucible of the Urgent Chimera

Inside the caldera of an old volcano in the Narthex Range, a Chimera has made their lair. From here they command the surrounding territory. Rumors abound of a certain magical apparatus hidden in the hills. Do your players have what it takes to uncover the truth? Print + PDF available from Exalted Funeral. 

Rackham Vale: Paintbox Edition Hardcover

Rackham Vale is the award-winning setting featuring the art of master fantasist Arthur Rackham. It's a hidden-vale setting with 24 strange creatures, several competing factions, and 18 odd locations inspired by Rackham's iconic and transportive images. It can be dropped into any fantasy campaign that could do with a touch of magic, mystery, and old-time weirdness. Now available as a full-color hardcover with 10 pages of brand-new content! Print + PDF available from Crowbar Creative

Poached Parchment 

This adventure module is a 38-room keyed dungeon that outlines a scriveners guild with a few arcane secrets. Seemingly a place of quiet work and contemplation, its guild master is a wizard of mighty repute and holds many treasures. Recently, they have gained possession of a rare and sought-after tome. Plan, cheat, or lie your way into the organisation and perhaps, make away with the prize! PDF available from DriveThruRPG.


Old Scroll #2: The Green-Golden Rade

This dark fairy realm takes the form of a road between everywhere and anywhere. Now, the Green-Golden Rade has broken free of its twisted fey builders. It kidnaps desperate travelers, stranding them on an eternal path, feasting on their calamity. Many starving travelers never find their way off. Others become prey to the fantastic creatures that call it home. A few learn its harsh lessons and pay their toll to leave. None travel the Green-Golden Rade without paying a price! PDF available from DriveThruRPG.

Things From Beyond (Essential Enemies #1)

This zine contains a cool selection of monsters taken from the Monthly Monsters patreon project. Inside you'll find the Astral Paladin (a mounted knight from a far-away world, summoned here to do a noble’s bidding); The Firehorse (a spirit of living fire, trapped in a blind body of flesh); The Iridescents (floating spheres that poison the earth and lead to desperate cannibal behaviour), and more! Print + PDF available from DriveThruRPG. Staple-bound print available from Lulu.


Czech SRD

The Old-School Essentials systems reference document (SRD) has now been translated to Czech! The SRD is a complete online reference to the Old-School Essentials Core Rules, including all rules, character classes, equipment, spells, monsters, and magic items. Check it out HERE!


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