Updated OSE Online Rules Reference, Recent Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and More!

Updated OSE Online Rules Reference, Recent Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and More!

We have exciting news to share, including the updated OSE online rules reference, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more. So let's dig in!

Old-School Essentials Online Rules Reference Updated

We are excited to announce that the OSE online rules reference (also called the SRD — the System Reference Document) has been updated to reflect the latest version of the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy rules. This online document is a valuable resource for players and referees, providing easy access to rules from any desktop or mobile device during game sessions. Be sure to bookmark the OSE rules reference for quick and convenient reference during your next game A big thanks to David Marsh for taking on the task of the update! Check it out HERE!


Old-School Essentials Third-Party Kickstarters

Creepy Cryptids Bestiary Deck

This is a deck of 42 cards of Appalachian cryptids and world folklore monsters for use with Old School Essentials. These oversized cards are about easy reference, with detailed artwork on one side for the players, and stats on the other side for the referee to bring the creepy cryptids to life at the gaming table. Pledge NOW!


Recent Third Party Old-School Essentials Products

Gaming Ballistic Solo Adventures for Old-School Essentials

Four new solo adventures for Old-School Essentials from Gaming Ballistic are now available! The adventures include Till Death Do Us Part, where you escort a small party across a treacherous route to deliver the promised future spouse to the altar in time for the wedding; Dark Lord's Doom, where a dark lord is on the rise, threatening to bring death and destruction to all who oppose him; Dragon Hunt, where a Barnoness calls for heroes to hunt a dragon; and Vampire Hunter Belladonna, where you a young maid and cook moonlighting as a vampire slayer! These can be played though solo in a 'choose your own adventure' style, or with a referee, and come with pre-generated characters. PDF available a from DriveThruRPG. Print + PDF available from Gaming Ballistic.


The Oneiric Hinterlands

This is a sandbox campaign inspired by fairytales and folklore and set in an enchanted woodland. Deep in a hollow hill in the ancient Woldwood lies the Dream Gate, a beachhead for a war against reality that never came to pass. Its custodian, Lord Nuada, has disappeared, and now the oneiric energies have begun to warp the very fabric of the world. Nearby the dwindling human colonies are still dealing with the aftermath of their war with the giants two decades earlier. Rumors circulate that the leader of the giants may have returned from death, and now treasure hunters arrive to disturb things best left buried. PDF available from DriveThruRPG.


The Beast of Borgenwold

The tomb of Lady Kasmira Velinken has been plundered and an undead manticore has been reanimated by her ancient silver hunting horn. The Beast of Borgenwold, as it is called, is terrorizing the town and can only be stopped by entering the tomb and destroying the hunting horn! PDF available from DriveThruRPG.


Malefic Book 0: The Mirror of Malatesto

Lord Magnus Zaragoza has called on brave adventurers to retrieve the Eye of the Dragon, a powerful and dangerous purple gemstone, from an abandoned dwarven mine. However, a murder in the local village leads the players into the catacombs underneath the Soulum's Temple of the First Sage, where they discover the Mirror of Malatesto, a doorway into the Maleficium, the secret sanctum of ancient warlocks who practiced demonic magic and imprisoned Zaragoza's daughter Celestine. PDF available from DriveThruRPG. Print + PDF available from the Malefic Storefront.


Edge of Doom

This is a hexcrawl where adventurers brave a grim and perilous borderland and delve into its forgotten past and the hidden secrets of its present. They will explore dark forests, a treacherous swamp to the desolate moorland, craggy mountains, haunted barrows, and discover a small village, held by an aging but still capable Jarl and his young fiefdom, which teeters at the edge of doom as his former allies plot to take it from him and the forces of Chaos grow ever stronger in the pressing wilderness. PDF available from DriveThruRPG.


Land of Shadows

This is supplement which suggests a small number of heroic fantasy rule mechanics that can be added seamlessly to Old-School Essentials, to give players a bit more of that epic fantasy feel in the style of J.R.R. Tolkien or David Eddings, whilst maintaining old-school power levels. You won't find crunchy mechanics for journeying or cumbersome social encounters, but you will find suggestions for making the dark places you visit that bit scarier. PDF available from DriveThruRPG.


Heart of St. Bathus (Pre-Order)

This campaign follows a party of characters from 3rd to 12th level as they answer an appeal for aid from the monks of Goodheart Abbey and search for a paladin's lost soul. The soul has been stolen by a devil and taken to her citadel in the Cyclopean Deeps, and the Heart's true master, an imprisoned demon lord, hopes to use the adventurers to escape. The party must navigate dark and unknown regions to save the paladin's soul! Pre-order the print + PDF from Frog God Games.


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