Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters this month!

Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters this month!

We have exciting news to share about a ton of third party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters this month. So let's dig in!


Old-School Essentials Box Sets on Kickstarter

Just a reminder that the launch date of the Kickstarter campaign for the deluxe Classic Game Set and Advanced Expansion Set box sets will be February 23rd! Jump in on day 1 to grab a free T-shirt and issue 2 of Carcass Crawler the official Old-School Essentials zine! You can now join the pre-launch page and get notified once the campaign goes live, so sign up to jump in right away! Join HERE!

Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

It's a huge month for third-party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters in February to coincide with Zine Month. Here are our highlights.


Planar Compass Issue #3

Planar Compass is an ongoing third-party zine designed for use with Old-School Essentials. Originating on the Astral Sea, each issue builds upon the previous foundation of weird fantasy. Venture into the plane of Law and Time in the third issue! Campaign runs until 15th February. Pledge NOW!


Axian Library

Four Old-School Essentials zines, expanded and collected into one hardcover book! Special rules and tables for new characters, absent players, alternate arcane and divine magic, magical mishaps, divine wrath, curses, quests, and tables! Campaign runs until 18th February. Pledge NOW!


Old School & Cool Vol. 3

Old School & Cool Volume 3 takes your Old-School Essentials characters to the next level! This zine offers high-level options for all of the standard OSE classes, complete with god-level powers, new spells, and magic items that make your vorpal sword look like a toothpick! Campaign runs until 18th February. Pledge NOW!


DNGN: Weird-Fantasy Megadungeon

DNGN is the first issue of a risograph printed zine that takes place in a megadungeon. Each issue will cover ten levels of the dungeon. It's cover-to-cover of classic monsters, magic items, encounters, secret doors, and old-school fun! Designed so a referee can use at the gaming table with little or no prep. Campaign starts on Friday 18th February, so join the pre-launch page HERE!

Knock! Issue Three

KNOCK! is back! 212 pages full of adventure gaming goodness, that covers the spectrum of interests from game design essays, refereeing advice and procedures, weird encounters and NPCs, a mini-game or two, and of course a load of random tables for all sorts of uses. Tons of Old-School Essentials compatible material inside, including 6 new classes and 7 new monsters. Campaign runs until 6th March. Pledge NOW!


Candle: Fantasy Audio Magazine

Candle is a source for supremely rad Old-School Essentials content: monsters, items, maps, NPCs, classes, tables, articles, cutouts and more unique scraps of gold to elevate your adventure. And of course...great music! Dungeon synth, ambient, and electronic compositions curated from across the old-school community. Campaign runs until 28th February. Pledge NOW!


Brewkessel #2: School of Spellcraft and Sorcery

Brewkessel is a megadungeon designed for Old-School Essentials. Released as a series of zines, each issue details a section of the dungeon based around one of eight schools of magic. Brewkessel is modular, so you can run it as a complete whole, by mixing-and-matching your favorite issues, or with each issue as its own standalone dungeon location. Campaign runs until 17th February. Pledge NOW!

Delver Issue #4: Resources for the Random-Rolling Referee

A resource for Old-School Essentials full of random charts and tables that can be used before or after adventures. It also contains ready-to-go adventure, complete with maps, room descriptions, random encounters, and an article for referees providing useful points to ponder on between sessions. Campaign runs until 13th February. Pledge NOW!


More Third-Party Kickstarters to Come!

There are loads more Old-School Essentials third-party Kickstarters coming in February. Stay tuned for our next newsletter and we'll let you know once they launch! (And if you’re running an OSE Kickstarter, please let us know!)



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