Humble Bundle with Old-School Essentials products, third-party Kickstarters, Zine Quest, and more!

Humble Bundle with Old-School Essentials products, third-party Kickstarters, Zine Quest, and more!

We have exciting news to share, including a massive Humble Bundle with several Old-School Essentials products, third-party Kickstarters, Zine Quest, and more. So let's dig in!

Essential Classic Fantasy RPG Collection Humble Bundle

Several Old-School Essentials products are currently part of a massive Humble Bundle of 59 items focusing on resources and adventures inspired by classic-era rulesets! You'll find the Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome, Carcass Crawler Issues 1 and 2, official adventures including Halls of the Blood King, The Isle of the Plangent Mage, Holy Mountain Shaker! If you already have some of these, you might want to pick up some of the other products such as Rappan Athuk, Highfell, Lost Lands, and many more! You'll be supporting the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals with your purchase! Check out the bundle HERE!

Third Party Kickstarters

Old-School Solo Adventures

This is a compilation of four solo adventures for Old-School Essentials. If you are familiar with the Choose Your Own Adventure stories, released by Bantam Books between 1979-1998, these have a similar flavor. You won't need a referee, you follow the branching pathways as you make choices and resolve outcomes using the Old-School Essentials rules. The four adventures span a range of play levels from 2nd through 9th levels. Pledge NOW!

Third Party Kickstarters for Zine Quest

There's a ton of third-party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters for Zine Quest during the month of August, here are some highlights!

The Scourge of the Northland

From the writer and artist of In the Shadow of Tower of Silveraxe and Through the Valley of the Manticore comes The Scourge of Northland, a sandbox style adventure campaign for Old-School Essentials. The expansive Northland is comprised of varying landscapes—from rolling hills to grassy plains, and wild woods to a bustling town and nearby villages. The detailed environment gives adventurers plenty of opportunities to seek out and uncover mysterious ruins, delve into dungeons and recover lost treasure and artifacts. Pledge NOW!

Into the Space Worm

From Knight Owl Publishing, this is a dungeon-based adventure designed replete with demons, monsters, and treasure from space, suitable for character levels 3rd through 4th level. A worm as big as a city fell to the earth three days ago. Already various factions vie for the right to plunder it, for it is full of valuable treasure. Full of danger too is it, for the worm is inhabited by demons and perhaps worse. But where there are fortunes to be made invariably so too will there be adventurers risking their lives for those fortunes. Pledge NOW!

Delver Issue #5

Delver magazine features tons of resources for your games. Each issue contains 20 or more pages of random charts that can be used before or during a session. Each page has a theme or subject, typically with four to six tables that pertain to that topic. The secondary feature of each issue is a ready-to-go adventure, complete with maps, room descriptions, random encounters, and more! Pledge NOW!

The Beast of Borgenwold

This is an adventure for Old-School Essentials for character levels 1st through 3rd level. The tomb of a renowned huntress, Lady Kasmira Velinken, has been plundered by her greedy fool of a grandson, Marko. Borgenwold's sniveling fur magnate has debts to pay, and a perfectly good "inheritance" sitting idle in a tomb nearby. So, he did what any sensible man consumed by greed and pursued by dangerous consequences would do: hire a pair of locals down on their luck and send them to bring back anything shiny that isn't nailed down. Includes 8 unique NPCs, random tables galore, 12 new monsters, and a dungeon with 14 keyed locations. Pledge NOW!


Worldbreaker / Dark Tides of Zaratos

This campaign features two zines which make up the offering. Worldbreaker is a toolbox for worldbuilding, a series of new character options, and an unearthed and arcane grab-bag of new ideas woven together into a thematic, world-breaking whole. It shows you how to break your campaign world. The Dark Tides of Zaratos is a classic sword & sorcery setting with a heavy sword & planet vibe. Inspired by old pulp tales like Witch of the Demon Seas, the classic adventures of Sinbad, the 1963 film Jason and the Argonauts, the harrowing tales of Conan and Red Sonja, this setting will leave you wanting to climb aboard and take a voyage to strange and perilous shores! Pledge NOW!

Inn to the Deep

Inn To The Deep is a collection of four awesome ready-to-run dungeon adventures for Old-School Essentials, spread over five zines. The dungeons are all linked by The Bog Inn, a ramshackle establishment that caters to adventurers and hirelings. PCs can return to the inn after their adventures to savor their victories, replace dead hirelings, and find new adventures. The adventures are written and designed for minimal prep required by the referee, with bullet point location descriptions, and annotated with notes on saving throws, NPCs, monsters, and traps. Pledge NOW! 

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