The Ruined Abbey Cover, Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and more!

The Ruined Abbey Cover, Third-Party Products and Kickstarters, and more!

 We have exciting news to share, including The Ruined Abbey cover, third-party products and Kickstarters, and more. So let's dig in! 

The Ruined Abbey Cover

We are excited to share the stunning cover of The Ruined Abbey created by the talented artist Mish Scott! This upcoming weird crypt crawl adventure for Dolmenwood was first featured in Wormskin zine issues 3 and 4, and will now be published as a standalone product in a revised and updated form. Click HERE to learn more about this adventure. The Ruined Abbey will be available as part of the Dolmenwood Kickstarter, coming late Q2 2023!


Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

The Band of the Black Wolf

This is an adventure campaign and setting guide to the six-mile hex of Jafnhárr Vale called White Cliff. A century ago, the Hrolfling clan lived in the Jafnhárr Vale, until they were forced out by famine and violence. The Beornings arrived and a war broke out for control of the valley. During the war, the Hrolfling clan regalia was stolen, including a beautiful dragon-inlaid brooch of beaten gold, and lost. Now, the Band of the Black Wolf, a group of outlaw berserkers led by Ulf the Fearless, are causing chaos in the countryside. They worship Vargr the Black, a figure associated with chaos and nightmares, and are rumored to take on the shapes of wolves under the moon. They are searching for the lost Hrolfling clan regalia and hoping to renew tensions with the Beornings. They will stop at nothing, and all who oppose them will suffer! Pledge NOW!


Script Wizards

Script Wizards is a new zine and software organization that combines old-school fantasy RPGs and software. They use programming like magic to enhance their tabletop RPGs and want to share it with the OSR community. The zine and software tools are user-friendly and require no programming knowledge. The zine also includes an adventure called Hack this Dungeon, which is a one-shot puzzle dungeon designed around hacking and breaking into a wizard's magical fortress to test its security, filled with traps, magical items, and monsters! Pledge NOW!



This zine boasts a diverse collection of classic demons to add an extra dimension of darkness and danger to your games, ranging from minor demons like Quasit, Dretch and Manes, to new demons such as Lilitu, Queen of Succubi! Additionally, the zine includes an exciting stretch goal that promises to add even more depth to the game by providing usable spells for clerics who worship these demons. With access to the powers of their demonic patrons, players can fully immerse themselves in the demonic world and achieve their objectives! Pledge NOW!


Recent Third Party Old-School Essentials Products

Aquatic Adventures

The indespensible set of rules for underwater advantures! Underwater settings have been a large part of old-school gaming since the very beginning—aquatic kingdoms, hidden coastal coves, monsters shambling out of the deeps. Creatures wondrous and strange and oft deadly, new magics and primal beings and ancient wisdom. These are the reasons adventurers descend into the salty depths of the sea. The darkest forest, the deepest cave, the largest dragon—none can match the sea for sheer scope of the unknown. Aquatic Adventures provides you with the tools to create your perfect underwater world. Includes new magic items, spells, aquatic classes and underwater monsters! Availale in PDF from DriveThruRPG. Print + PDF available from Knight Owl Publishing.


The Mage's Companion

Wizardry encompasses more than just casting spells and mixing potions. It involves the capture of extraordinary creatures, the conquest of battles, and the exploration of doorways to alternate realms. The Mage's Companion is tailored for players and game masters in search of a fresh challenge for their characters. Rather than simply venturing through dungeons, discover the mystery behind their existence. Instead of battling mythical beasts, delve into the art of constructing hybrids and other beings. If you've ever questioned the origins of wizardry lore and wondered why your own character can't live up to it, your search ends here! PDF available from DriveThruRPG.


The Sepulchre of the Serpent's Servant

This is a short location-based adventure, perfect to drop into any hexcrawl campaign. A decaying and antiquated crypt, infested with rodents and other pests, has become the dwelling place of a horde of goblins. However, the temple located beneath the crypt harbors malevolent secrets that have yet to be uncovered! PDF available from DriveThruRPG.

Haunt of the Barrow King

This is a wilderness adventure involving a wilderness trek, an encounter with rival adventurers, and an undead menace. The Oldwood was once ruled by the Kingdom of Nine, made up of nine noble houses that constantly fought with each other. The Jaldt tribe then took over until they were wiped out by a plague. Now, there are remains of both civilizations in the form of barrow mounds, standing stones, and ruined castles. Legacy Flame, an adventuring company, came to establish a shrine to a fallen noble house's patron saint, St. Galwren. During the ritual to bless the shrine, undead creatures were awakened that had been laid to rest beneath the old barrow! PDF availavle from DriveThruRPG.

Cult in the Empire of Decadence

Experience temptation and greed! The Empire of Decadence is a wealthy nation that only uses gold for currency, and most of its towns are well-guarded. At the edge of the Empire, a man named Ivan Marcus founded the Cult of Austerity, which encourages the rich to give up their possessions for a simpler life. However, Marcus is actually a fraud who keeps the gold for himself. Meanwhile, a band of kobolds is also searching for the stolen treasure in his temple. Many have already died trying to get it! PDF avaialble from DriveThruRPG.


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