Season's Greetings from Necrotic Gnome! 2024 Updates & New 3rd-Party OSE Content!

Season's Greetings from Necrotic Gnome! 2024 Updates & New 3rd-Party OSE Content!

Dear Adventurers,

As the festive season approaches, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks for your continued support. Your enthusiasm for Old-School Essentials and Dolmenwood has been truly inspiring, with the resounding success of the Dolmenwood Kickstarter being the highlight of 2023 for us.

Here’s a quick roundup of exciting developments:

New OSE Adventures: Adventure Anthology 1 and 2 are headed to the printers, set to launch in early 2024. Additionally, renowned authors are crafting fresh adventures to elevate your gaming experiences.

Dolmenwood Release: Dolmenwood will see its full release in late 2024. Watch this space for more teasers and information throughout the next year!

Dark Arts Unleashed: Something wicked this way comes, or so the bones tell. Augured for late 2024, our upcoming book of forbidden knowledge—tentatively entitled The Necrotic Tome—will delve into the realm of necromancy and the undead, complete with sinister items, dark magics, and new undead monsters.

In the meantime, we invite you to peruse some of our favourite recent offerings from third-party OSE creators detailed below. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the newsletter for the latest release dates, sneak peeks, and exclusive content!

Thank you again for your support—it’s your passion for the game that makes all this possible. Wishing you a joyous festive season and epic adventures in the year ahead!

Yours in mossy communion,

Gavin and the Necrotic Gnome team

Third-Party OSE Products!

Essential Enemies 6: In Darkening Woods

If you go into the woods tonight, you’re in for a treat! The latest instalment in this third-party monster manual series for OSE introduces a variety of woodland-themed monsters, such as the Bird Witch, Earth Keepers, Kirreskalds, Malmensvird, and other forest fiends.

More than just a monster-bash checklist, the entries include inspiration for role-playing and puzzle-solving challenges and mysteries, such as the Market in the Woods, where players can trade with monsters, and the Satyrical Dramatists, Arcadian beings who double as performers and werewolf hunters. 

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The Midnight Squad

Turn Old-School Essentials into a spine-chilling creature feature game with this third-party OSE supplement that invites you to join The Midnight Institute, a group of supernatural investigators that recruits monsters into their ranks.

This short, easy-to-use PDF includes 10 intriguing new classes such as the Agent, Mummy, and Werewolf, all based on the familiar and versatile OSE engine. To combat the supernatural, modern equipment rules inspired by the comprehensive Modern Necessities release are also provided. Whether you want to unleash your inner monster or investigate the unknown, it sounds like a job for The Midnight Squad!

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Relics of Woe

Ditch the standard-issue Mace, +1 and unearth the power of the past! Relics of Woe features 20 unique, illustrated magic weapons steeped in history that fit into any fantasy campaign.

Presented with evocative flavour and rich backstories, each artefact in this alluring assortment of arcane armaments imposes unique conditions, prompting roleplaying opportunities for players wishing to wield their power. To enhance the gaming experience, Relics of Woe also provides printable item cards, perfect for handing out to your players.

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Grim Accoutrements

Embrace the darkness with Grim Accoutrements, a versatile supplement designed to inject a touch of the macabre into your campaigns, featuring tables, creatures, and adventure seeds ideal for horror-tinged scenarios. 

With insidious rumours, forbidden books, menacing monsters, sinister NPCs, cursed trinkets, and more, these 55 pages of sinister delight provide a comprehensive toolkit for crafting eerie adventures, including two dungeons for creepy crawling!

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