OSE Advanced Player’s Tome reprint, Dolmenwood, and third-party goodness!

OSE Advanced Player’s Tome reprint, Dolmenwood, and third-party goodness!

Necrotic Gnome

Dolmenwood Pre-Orders Still Available!

The hour draws near for the veil to part around Dolmenwood and the release of our initial product range. If you haven’t pre-ordered, there’s still time to pick up this fairy-haunted fantasy game at a fantastic early-bird price!

Remember, pre-ordering the physical books will get you access to the PDFs as soon as payment is processed (usually 3-4 days), giving you time to prep or start your Dolmenwood campaign before the physical products are shipped along with the Kickstarter rewards (est. September).

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OSE Advanced Fantasy Player's Tome Reprint Coming Soon!

So, I hear you like it…advanced? We’ve heard you clamouring for physical copies of the advanced rules for Old-School Essentials. With expanded options for classes, races, spells, gear, hirelings, and adventuring procedures for varied locations, this tome contains all the information you need to take your characters to a more crunchy—yet still classic—version of the game inspired by the first edition of AD&D.

Well, you’re in luck. Reprints of the coveted OSE Advanced Fantasy Player’s Tome are scheduled to be back in stock on 19 June!

Want to be the first in line to grab one?

Head to the Exalted Funeral store listing and hit ‘EMAIL ME WHEN AVAILABLE’

Psst, referees! For advanced monsters and magic items, see the OSE Advanced Fantasy Referee’s Tome.

Third-Party Old-School Essentials Products and Kickstarters

Alchemy, Explosions & Inventions

Oh my! Add a dash of science and technology to your OSE game with 15 exciting class options, transforming your basic classes into unique roles like Relic Hunters, Miners, and Arcane Investigators. Discover three brand-new classes—Alchemists, Demolitionists, and Inventors—along with fresh ideas for patrons, guilds, and expert-themed campaigns.
Illustrated by fan-favourite Denis McCarthy and available in multiple formats and styles, this already-funded project is sure to spark some creative ideas and shake the foundations of your fantasy campaign!

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Tome of Essential Horrors 2 Coming Soon!

The Tome of Essential Horrors 2 by Necromancer Games expands on its predecessor with over 100 new and classic monsters for Old-School Essentials. Whether you enjoyed the first tome or missed it, this new collection promises to enhance your game experience with even more monstrous variety drawn from the spawning pits of Frog God/Necromancer Games’ menagerie of menace.

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The Doom of Blackwinter

This wintry adventure from Dice Monkey Games is now available for OSE! Designed for levels 5-7, this module challenges players to uncover the secrets of the remote village of Blackwinter, beset by dark forces and a malevolent winter spirit. Complete with detailed maps, NPCs, and encounters that tie into an overarching storyline, The Doom of Blackwinter offers an OSE adventure with a narrative approach.

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