Old-School Essentials Third-Party Kickstarters on Zine Quest!

Old-School Essentials Third-Party Kickstarters on Zine Quest!

We have exciting news about a ton of third-party Kickstarters that are part of Zine Quest this month. Zine Quest is an annual event that brings together a community of creative individuals to celebrate and support the art of zines for role-playing games. So let's dig in!


Old School & Cool Vol. 4: The Undead Edition

This issue takes your gaming experience to the ultimate frontier - the world beyond death! No longer will you have to say goodbye to your beloved PCs who have fallen prey to the clutches of a wraith or other undead creatures. Instead, you can now continue playing as your character as they navigate their new existence and embrace their dark nature. Characters can progress along an undead class tree, gaining dark powers as they steadily lose their humanity. Includes exciting new rules for playing an undead character, a complete necropolis replete with maps, keyed locations, undead NPCs, adventure hooks, and more! Pledge NOW!


Delver Issue #7

Delver magazine features tons of resources for your games. Each issue contains twenty or more pages of random charts that can be used before or during a session. Each page has a theme or subject, typically with four to six tables that pertain to that topic. As a secondary feature, each issue comes with a fully fleshed-out adventure, ready for you to dive into. With detailed maps, descriptive room descriptions, and even random encounters, you'll have everything you need to take your game to the next level! Pledge NOW!


Northlands Saga: Lord of Ice and Cold

Embark on a journey through a fantastical world inspired by the rich history and mythology of the Norse people. With influences from the sagas of Icelanders and other folklore, and a touch of heroic fantasy, this setting will transport you to a world unlike any other. As young heroes, you are tasked with guarding your jarl's daughters during the Spring Rites, where they gather flowers for the upcoming feast of Freya. But what begins as a simple mission quickly takes a dark turn as you must rescue your charges from the clutches of the dangerous Sibbe the Unkempt! Pledge NOW!


The Doom of Blackwater

Get ready for a daring adventure in the heart of the frozen high mountains! The people of Ethan's Vale are facing a crisis as winter has arrived prematurely, bringing with it terrible snowstorms that have engulfed the region at the edge of the Palisade Peaks. In their hour of need, they are calling upon a group of heroes to help find the source of the strange orc warriors who have been wreaking havoc in the area, with their glowing blue tattoos.As the heroes take up this challenge, they venture deep into the mountains in search of answers. With each step, they will encounter new obstacles and challenges as they seek to put an end to the raids and bring peace back to Ethan's Vale! Pledge NOW!


Ziggurat of the Blood God

Embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of the jungle, where adventure awaits and danger lurks at every turn. Far from the comforts of civilization, you'll find an ancient temple dedicated to a long-forgotten deity. This temple holds untold riches, but getting to them will be no easy feat. You'll have to navigate deadly traps, face untold horrors, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles to claim your reward. The treasures that await you in this temple are beyond compare. They are so rich that they would make even the wealthiest kings look like penniless paupers! Pledge NOW!


Aquilus Issue #3

Step into the fantastical world of Aquilus, a zine that combines weird-fantasy and old-school gaming in a hallucinogenic mix. In each issue, you'll find a wealth of resources to push the boundaries of your imagination and make your gaming sessions even stranger! Highlights in issue #3 are features on pompous and extravagant festivities by cults and factions; deities that inhabit the domains of music; mystical tools that assist in the practice of death manipulation; and new two character classes, the Star Child and Florian, fully compatible with Old-School Essentials! Pledge NOW! 



CANDLE III: Fantasy Audio Magazine

Get ready for an epic journey as the original adventure-gaming tapezine returns with its third instalment! This issue contains two exciting new character classes, an innovative set of in-game rituals and magical procedures inspired by real-world folk traditions, a thrilling exploration into the darker uses of everyday items, and a practical system for turning non-martial items into powerful weapons with ease. But that's not all! This issue also includes a cassette tape Dungeon Alignment, a collection of exceptional dungeon synth compositions. Pledge NOW!


Gary's Appendix Issue 2

This inspiration for this zine is the AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide by Gary Gygax, which collected a vast amount of information, rules, and guidance. Highlights in this issue include: Gamifying Devotion – clerics, paladins, and monks are characterised by devotion to ideals. Typically, these ideals are broadly defined by alignment, but a more granular approach can flesh out your game’s world and give your players more ways to engage with the fiction you create at the table; Thoughtful Bestiary – a further exploration of the bestiary starting with the blink dog and ending with the Centaur, dipping into real world mythology, practical consideration and wild speculation about uses for these creatures. Also included are brigands, buccaneers, bugbears, caecilia, and carcass crawlers! Pledge NOW!


Advanced Ancient Academy

This is a dungeon adventure for low-level adventurers, filled with bandits, cultists, goblins, and skeletons. It's perfect for new players or for veterans looking to start a new campaign. This iconic dungeon first made its appearance a decade ago as part of the One Page Dungeon contest, showcasing the creativity and ingenuity of packing an entire dungeon experience onto just one sheet of paper. Since then, it has been downloaded by thousands of players and has now been expanded to include multiple levels of the dungeon! Pledge NOW!


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