Old-School Essentials PDF mega-sale, Carcass Crawler Issue #2, Dolmenwood Progress Update, Holy Mountain Shaker on Fantasy Grounds, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more!

Old-School Essentials PDF mega-sale, Carcass Crawler Issue #2, Dolmenwood Progress Update, Holy Mountain Shaker on Fantasy Grounds, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more!

We have exciting news to share, including the Old-School Essentials PDF mega-sale, the release of Carcass Crawler Issue #2, a Dolmenwood progress update, Holy Mountain Shaker on Fantasy Grounds, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more. So let's dig in!


All Old-School Essentials PDFs on Sale

DriveThruRPG is currently having a D&D mega-sale where you can pick up all PDFs in the Necrotic Gnome catalogue for 20%-40% off! This includes the Classic and Advanced Fantasy rules tomes, official Old-School Essentials adventures, and more! The sale ends May 30th, so be quick and check out the deals HERE!

Carcass Crawler Issue #2 Release

We're pleased to announce that Carcass Crawler Issue #2 is now available in print and PDF! Carcass Crawler is the official Old-School Essentials zine and packed with new material for your games!

Issue #2 includes:

• New classes and races.
• Item-based encumbrance system.
• Guidelines for town services.
• Tables and guidelines for hiring retainers.
• Quick equipment tables for starting gear.
• Energy weapon rules.
• New snake cult monsters.
• A mini-adventure in a snake cult temple.
• Advice for adjudicating traps.

PDF available from DriveThruRPG. Print + PDF from Exalted Funeral. Also available on Fantasy Grounds

Early bird Kickstarter backers: As mentioned in the campaign, you'll be getting a free copy of Carcass Crawler #2 (print + PDF) along with fulfilment of your main rewards.

Dolmenwood Progress Update

The end is in sight for Dolmwenood, Necrotic Gnome's upcoming fairy tale and folk horror campaign setting! It’s looking like the Kickstarter for the setting will be around Q1 2023. For a detailed look into the progress and contents of the three big hardcover books that will make up Dolmenwood, check out this deep dive HERE!

If you want to get into Dolmenwood right now, we run a Patreon where backers can get access to the in-development books. That's over 400 pages of material at the time of writing — more than enough to start running a Dolmenwood campaign right now! Join the Patreon HERE! 

Holy Mountain Shaker on Fantasy Grounds

We're pleased to announce that Holy Mountain Shaker is now available on Fantasy Grounds! A fantasy pointcrawl adventure for characters of 5th to 6th level, Holy Mountain Shaker is an official Old-School Essentials adventure with writing and art by the acclaimed Luka Rejec of The Ultraviolet Grasslands fame. Includes pointcrawl mechanics for Old-School Essentials, 17 pointcrawl regions, and a dungeon, all keyed in a quick-reference, bullet point format. Check it out HERE!

You can also pick up Holy Mountain Shaker in PDF from DriveThruRPG.

Third Party Old-School Essentials Products

Gyllagoon's Island

Shipwrecked upon a deserted island, the party soon realizes they are not alone. Populated by intelligent and savage red haired apes, the heroes must fight for survival and find a means for getting off the jungle island. These hungry apes are eager for the taste of man flesh and are ruled over by something not of this world that thrives on hunting and terrorizing intruders within its domain! Available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.

Wayne Robert's Warlock & Sorcerer Class

A new Warlock class for Old-School Essentials! Warlocks are spellcasters who gain magical power by forging bonds with dark and mysterious entities. They walk the line between mage and a warrior, while remaining beholden to their patron's dark desires. This supplement contains a full 14-level class, 4 otherworldly patrons you can choose from to give your warlock unique abilities, and an evocative spell list. Available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.

From the same author comes a new Sorcerer class for Old-School Essentials! Sorcerers are innately magical mortals who draw on their own inner power to cast spells and manipulate magical forces instead of praying to gods or studying musty grimoires. Available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.

Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

Creature Feature Compendium Vol 1

This compendium combines over two years of Creature Feature Quarterly into a single volume. It will be a dense tome of over 640 pages of content, full of fearsome foes and creepy creatures. Several monsters will be getting an art update, as well as tons of new fluff. Pledge NOW!

Brazilian Portuguese Old-School Essentials Crowdfunding

Old-School Essentials is now getting a Brazilian Portuguese language translation! Published by RPG Planet Press and crowdfunded on the platform Catarse, there are tons of support levels, which include Brazilian Portuguese versions of the Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome, the official Referee's Screen, the acclaimed adventure The Hole in the Oak by Gavin Norman, and more. Pledge NOW!

Optional Rules Checklist

The official optional rules checklist for Old-School Essentials is now available! This lists all the Classic Fantasy and Advanced Fantasy optional rules, with summaries for quick reference, and a check box for each optional rule. Get it FREE from DriveThruRPG.


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