Old-School Essentials Newsletter Launch

Old-School Essentials Newsletter Launch

Welcome to the Old-School Essentials Newsletter!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be increasing the frequency of our newsletter! Our aim is to provide the growing Old-School Essentials community with the latest news about official projects by Necrotic Gnome, cover new releases produced by third-party publishers, and take the opportunity to let you know about other OSE-related topics we think you might be interested in. We hope you enjoy the newsletter as much as we enjoyed creating it. 


Holy Mountain Shaker PDF

We are very excited to announce that the official Old-School Essentials adventure Holy Mountain Shaker by Luka Rejec is now available in PDF on DriveThruRPG! The 48-page deluxe hardcover edition is coming soon! 

Exalted Funeral UK and EU Stores Coming Soon!

Great news for fans of old-school gaming in Europe — we're very excited to announce that Necrotic Gnome's partner Exalted Funeral is opening stores in the UK and EU this summer! Exalted Funeral will be opening two new stores: one based in the UK and one based in the EU. This will mean cheaper shipping and faster delivery for people based in Europe. Also: no hassle with customs! Stay tuned!


Advanced Fantasy + Adventures Print Release Date

We expect print copies of the Advanced Fantasy Player's and Referee's Tomes plus the recent adventures to be available from the Exalted Funeral store from 1st September. This may initially be at the US store only, depending on how setup of the EU and UK stores goes. 


Dolmenwood Patreon

Work on the fabled Dolmenwood hardcover books is moving along at a good pace. Want a monthly dose of Dolmenwood? As work progresses, chapters are being sent out to supporters of our Patreon. Dolmenwood fans are building up there and people are raving about the monthly content packages that have been released so far. Sign up for access to over 260 pages of material, including most of the Dolmenwood Player's Book and loads of setting background, factions, towns, hex descriptions, and monsters! 

Old-School Essentials Category on DriveThruRPG

There's now a category page for Old-School Essentials over at DriveThruRPG, with all of the official products from Necrotic Gnome plus lots of excellent third party products from other publishers!

Want to Publish Your Own Old-School Essentials Products?

Necrotic Gnome offers a free of charge and royalty-free license allowing third-party publishers to use a “Designed for use with Old-School Essentials” logo on commercial or non-commercial products. Download the licence here. Also of interest is this blog post that describes in simple terms how the third-party license and the Open Game License work.

Want to Sell Your Third-Party Products at Exalted Funeral?

Exalted Funeral are interested in stocking all OSE 3PP books in print. Creators should get in touch at: purchasing@exaltedfuneral.com.

Recent Third-Party Products

Here are some highlights of recent products by third-party creators designed for Old-School Essentials.


In the Shadow of the Tower Silveraxe

A classic fantasy pulp adventure set in the Gemthrone Wilderness. Nine dungeons, and five settlements including the dwarven town of Karn Buldahr—which can serve well as a starting location for lower level adventurers. Writing and art by Jacob Fleming. Print copies available from Exalted Funeral and Gelatinous Cubism. PDF available from DriveThruRPG


Tomb Robbers of the Crystal Frontier

A complete 60 page adventure for Level 1 characters. The Crystal Frontier setting is a desolate magic-stained wasteland where fabulous crystal spires and fortresses plummet from the skies to tempt the gold-desperate and the bold with magical gems and scintillating treasures. Find your fortune or find your death as you plunder the fallen sky tomb of an Empyrean despot. Writing and art by Gus L. PDF available from DriveThruRPG


Temple of 1000 Swords

From the writer of the excellent Hideous Daylight, comes a tarot-inspired dungeon delve. An ancient temple to the forgotten god of swords lies hidden behind a waterfall. Great piles of swords choke its halls and spill out into nearby streams and waterways. What strangeness still treads and what swords will you draw in the Temple of 1000 Swords? Writing by Brad Kerr. PDF available from DriveThruRPG


The Scourge of the Scorn Lords

A post-apocalyptic fantasy setting and adventure book of wastelands, psionics, and madness-inducing monstrosities! This is the third and final installment of the Meatlandia Trilogy and the immediate follow-up to the Ennie-nominated book, Worm Witch: the Life and Death of Belinda Blood (also for OSE!). Writing by Ahimsa Kerp and Wind Lothamer. Art by Wind Lothamer. Print copies available from Knight Owl Publishing. PDF available from DriveThruRPG


Night Land

A weird fantasy, Dying Earth inspired setting, where the sun has extinguished and its ashes lay strewn across a landscape. One after one, the stars in the universe are entering their ultimate stages of life, and existence is evaporating into memory. Writing by Vasili Kaliman. Art by Andrew Walter. Print available from Exalted Funeral and Singing Flame. PDF available from DriveThruRPG.

Third-Party Products on Kickstarter 

The Return of Octhorrorfest and Hidden Hand of the Horla

Appendix N Entertainment returns to put their best selling Old-School Essentials supplements back into print! If you haven't gotten your hands on the 1st printing of the Halloween-themed Octhorrorfest (now sold out), or want the revised and expanded material in the adventure Hidden Hand of the Horla (now in its 3rd printing), here is your chance! Pledge now!

Coming Soon from Necrotic Gnome

Check out the new Coming Soon section on our website, with a little preview of what's in the works at Necrotic Gnome, listed roughly in expected order of publication. 

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