Old-School Essentials Box Sets Pre-Order Store, Old-School Essentials Bundle of Holding, Monster Tokens on Fantasy Grounds, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more!

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We have exciting news to share, including the Old-School Essentials Box Sets Pre-Order Store, the Old-School Essentials Bundle of Holding, Monster Tokens on Fantasy Grounds, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, recent reviews, and more. So let's dig in!


Old-School Essentials Box Sets Pre-Order Store Now Open

If you missed out on our recent Kickstarter campaign for the Old-School Essentials Box Sets, don’t worry – the pre-order store is now OPEN! You can grab the Classic and Advanced Fantasy Box Sets, the new Erol Otus T-shirt, a fantastic Black Light Print, and loads more items. Check it out HERE!


Old-School Essentials Bundle of Holding

There's only a few days left to grab the Old-School Essentials Treasure Bundle on Bundle of Holding! For just US$9.95, you get the Old-School Essentials Rules Tome and Referee's Screen Inserts in PDF (retail value $56), along with three hexcrawl supplements from Third Kingdom Games: Into the Wild, Filling in the Blanks, and A Guide to Thieves' Guilds. If you pay more than the current threshold price (US$20.24), you'll level up and also receive eight third-party scenarios and supplements for Old-School Essentials, including: Hideous Daylight, Temple of 1000 Swords, Night Land, Xanadu, two issues of Planar Compass, and two issues of Delver magazine. 10% of your payment will be donated to the pandemic-related charity Direct Relief.

The bundle is on offer until 2nd May, so don't miss out! You can get it HERE!


Monster Tokens on Fantasy Grounds

Hundreds of monster tokens have now been added to the Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome product on Fantasy Grounds. Level up your games with a huge range of tokens of your favourite monsters to hunt characters with. Check them out HERE!


Recent Third-Party Products

I Remember Uncle Elijah

This is a pamphlet adventure designed for use with Old-School Essentials. Nestled somewhere in the back of beyond lies the sleepy farming village of No Pine. Named so for the noticeable lack of conifers for some miles around. Here they grow tomatoes by the bushel, and secrets by the grapevine. Up until now, these secrets have remained below the surface, whispered in confidence. But now, someone — or something — is coming to air out the village’s dirty laundry. Writing and layout by Jon Davis. Available in print + PDF from Exalted Funeral.

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Another pamphlet advanture from the same author as above! Lost for generations, the Big Rock Candy Gem Mine has fascinated treasure seekers since the early days of the First People. Even today you can come across precious stones that were, once upon a time, unearthed from the legendary mine — rubies cut into the shape of strawberries, emeralds shaped as freshly picked apples, beer barrels cut from brown jasper. But what befell the celebrated diggings? Writing and layout by Jon Davis. Available in print + PDF from Exalted Funeral.


Fogheart: The Torso of the Giant King

Fogheart: The Torso of the Giant King is a small point crawl adveture for use with Cairn and Old-School Essentials. Fogheart is an island situated in the middle of The Black Lake, surrounded by a mysterious fog that moves like a living breath. This is the first installment in a series of modular adventures that revolve around the scattered remains of an ancient creature that once ruled over the forest. You can use them separately, or combine them into a bigger campaign setting that develops all over The Forest, a place full of mystery and forgotten magic. Available in PDF from itch.io.


The Sepulchre of Seven

The acclaimed adventure The Sepulchre of Seven for Old-School Essentials is now available in print on Lulu. Long ago a half-elf, half deer-centaur named Jayne led a small guerrilla band against the armies of an evil fae witch. They prevailed at terrible cost. Over centuries, the Church erased all memory of Jayne’s fae nature. Monsters moved into her hideout-turned-sepulchre, still haunted by Jayne’s enemies and companions, and a ghost longing to complete his vengeance. Rated as The Best by Bryce Lynch on tenfootpole.org. Get it in print HERE!


Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

Albion Tales: An Old School Essentials Adventure Zine Bundle

Albion Tales is a series of three fantasy adventure zines designed for use with Old School Essentials and other classic fantasy tabletop roleplaying games. Each of them is presented in a unique, foldable, riso-printed format and inspired by British history and mythology. Each adventure is set loosely within the same setting, each of them inspired by different aspects of myth and history from the British Isles. However they can each easily be slotted into your campaign and work excellently as one shot adventures as well. Pledge NOW!


Lake of Abominations Hexcrawl Compilation

A compiled and expanded hexcrawl set in the world of the Populated Hexes Series. The Lake of Abominations is the second cluster to be completed in the Populated Hexes series of adventure locations, with each of the seven hexes having been released in pdf and print form. The goal of this Kickstarter is to compile all seven hexes into a single book as well as provide supplemental material. Pledge NOW!


Creature Collection I: A Bestiary for Old-School Essentials

Creature Collection I is a bestiary for use with Old-School Essentials. The book is inspired by and feauturing art by Evlyn Moreau. The all new critters are not your typical orcs & dragons, and will consist of 24 creatures, each with a two-page spread. Pledge NOW!

Fan-Made Intro Video to The Hole in the Oak

If you've only heard about this adventure and want to know more, then check out this fan-made intro video to The Hole in the Oak by Gavin Norman. The Hole in the Oak is a generic adventure that can be placed in any campaign setting, but the video’s creator has chosen to place it in Necrotic Gnome’s Dolmenwood campaign setting (coming soon!). Watch the video HERE! If you don't have it already, you grab The Hole in the Oak in PDF from DriveThruRPG and print + PDF from Exalted Funeral.

Halls of the Blood King Review on Dungeoncraft

Professor DM from the YouTube channel Dungeoncraft reviews Halls of the Blood King by Diogo Nogueira! Watch it HERE!


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