Old-School Essentials Box Sets Kickstarter Update, The Weird that Befell Drigbolton OSE Version, Recent Third-Party Products and more!

Old-School Essentials Box Sets Kickstarter Update, The Weird that Befell Drigbolton OSE Version, Recent Third-Party Products and more!

We have exciting news to share, including an update on the Old-School Essentials Box Sets Kickstarter, The Weird that Befell Drigbolton OSE version, recent third-party products and more. So let's dig in!


Old-School Essentials Box Sets Kickstarter Update

We are thrilled to announce that our current Kickstarter campaign for the Classic Game Set and Advanced Expansion Set box sets has been smashing through the stretch goals!

Here is what's been unlocked so far (free to all backers!):



We'd like to thank everyone for their support in bringing the box sets back into print! The Kickstarter campaign is current until 25th March and we still have some more stretch goals and surprises in store! If you haven't done so already, jump in and pledge now so you don't miss out!

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The Weird that Befell Drigbolton OSE Version

We are pleased to announce that our 2017 adventure, The Weird That Befell Drigbolton, has been updated with Old-School Essentials monster stat blocks and game mechanics! (The adventure was originally statted for Labyrinth Lord.) This is an investigative, event-based module set in Dolmenwood, for characters of 3rd to 5th level involving: a fallen star, frothing masses of pink jelly, manna fever, religious fervour, a warped manor house, psychedelic star-debris slowly twisting the nature of reality around it. Note that only the game mechanics and stats have been updated for Old-School Essentials — the adventure has not been revised into the same format as recent OSE adventures (such as Hole in the Oak). A full revision into the new format may happen at some point in the future, so stay tuned! Available in PDF and print from DriveThruRPG.

Recent Third-Party Products


When Winter Came To Skedemosse

When Winter Came To Skedemosse is an adventure set on the island Öland, during the Scandinavian Iron-Age (the Vendel Period). Includes a hex description, places to explore, people to meet, and monsters. The setting is low-fantasy historical, presenting how the Scandinavian Iron-Age might have been perceived at the time when gods were real, sentient things hid in ancient barrows, and runes held real power! Writing by Christopher Käck, cartography by Paths Peculiar (Niklas Wistedt) and cover art by David Seymore. Available in PDF from DriveThruRPG and itch.io.


The Bone Place of Dreib

The Bone Place of Dreib is an adventure where players enter a temple of the ancients full of treasures wondrous and diverse. Why is it unlooted and undefiled? Probably the stories about the place, the ghosts that come if you sleep too close, and the list of grave-robbers who never came back! Read the review on Ten Foot Pole. Available in PDF from DriveThruRPG.


Fair Folk & Other Fey Creatures Issue #2

Folk & Other Fey Creatures is a fairy themed zine for Old School Essentials. Issue #2 includes rules for the passage of time in Faerie, 50 world state changes to show the passage of time in the mortal realm, 7 new magical items, 12 faerie backstory hooks for PC and NPC adventurers, tools and tables for running adventures in the Goblin Market, and 6 new faery monsters. Available in PDF from itch.io.


Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

Gods of the Forbidden North

Gods of the Forbidden North is a megadungeon designed for Old-School Essentials. The massive megadungeon of Castle Thar-Gannon, with its untold riches, lies abandoned and unclaimed. Players can venture into three sprawling dungeon levels, an underground ruined city that time itself forgot, and ann interdimensional cubic prison level. Includes new monsters, magic items, alien devices, spells, diseases, poisons, rival adventuring parties, random tables, and rules. Campaign runs until 31st March. Pledge HERE!


Gig Economy

Gig Economy is a 20 page zine for Old-School Essentials. Inside you’ll find 200 weird, fun and quirky characters to keep your campaigns stocked with a lifetime of retainers and hirelings looking for work. Includes 200 named retainers/hirelings thematically crafted for each race and class, and suggested procedures for various hiring scenarios. Pledge HERE!



Wulfwald is an RPG set in the world of mythic Anglo-Saxon tales: play a Wolfshead, an outcast adventurer trying to regain a place in society, in a world filled with mythic monsters, dark and dangerous magic, even more dangerous rulers. Wulfwald comes in a boxed set of four booklets, plus a cloth map by Russ Nicholson depicting the Land of Wulfwald. Includes 12 classes, four non-Vancian spell systems, 24 runes, 31 new magic powers, and at least 22 new creatures, including the last seven dragons and last seven giants still walking the earth. Pledge HERE! 


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