New Year, New Adventures! Epic Campaigns for OSE, the Dolmenwood Dozen, and More!

New Year, New Adventures! Epic Campaigns for OSE, the Dolmenwood Dozen, and More!

Necrotic Gnome

Third-Party OSE Adventures and Kickstarters!

Gods of the Forbidden North: Volume 2

The eagerly anticipated second instalment of Pulp Hummock Press’s Gods of the Forbidden North trilogy for OSE is on the horizon!

In the first volume, the player characters scoured the surface of this arctic frontier region full of classic pulp fantasy adventure—urban intrigue, haunted tombs, mysterious cults, and sinister villains.

Now, it’s time to go deeper. The new book will continue the epic OSE campaign detailing the underworld depths of Malgorgia, from the Tower of All-Seeing Eyes to the Dark Pits of Dul’ghuun, designed to challenge characters from 5th through 10th level.

Don’t miss out on this unparalleled Old-School Essentials mega-adventure and sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter goes live on February 27th!

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The Shrike

From the mind of Leo Hunt, creator of Vaults of Vaarn, comes The Shrike, a unique OSE setting centred around a fragment of Hell in the form of a mountain-sized blade of black iron and stone impaled into the heart of a nameless god.

The Shrike is designed for a sandbox campaign offering a self-contained game world filled with mystery, intrigue, and supernatural challenges that players must navigate or succumb to. Drop The Shrike into your own campaign as an eldritch location or play as new devil-themed player classes unique to this infernal realm. Follow The Shrike on Kickstarter to stay up to date on this innovative campaign setting!

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Sea God's Curse

Fresh from old-school stalwarts Frog God Games and the pen of Ken Spencer, this adventure for 2-6 mid-level characters tasks players with a four-part treasure hunt across the wild seas, facing monsters, mayhem, and mysteries along the way.

Cursed islands? Wereshark pirates? Treasure-laden shipwrecks? Cutthroat negotiations? Sign me up, matey! Let’s haul away!

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Dolmenwood Dozen

The amazing random tables of Ktrey’s d4 Caltrops blog have been many a game master’s saving grace for last-minute adventure ideas. The latest blog offering contains a completely free supplement for Dolmenwood—a collection of a dozen one-page dungeons, lairs, and adventure sites for Dolmenwood that can serve as valuable time savers or campaign inspiration. Need some ideas on how to use Dolmenwood monsters or create adventures in the darkly whimsical style of the setting? Look no further!

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Gary Con Virtual Events Submissions

Finally, Gary Con XVI is almost upon us! Lake Geneva will once again resound with the clatter of dice and laughter of friends from March 21st to 24th. Even if you can’t attend in person, submissions are still open for virtual games, allowing game masters and players around the world to participate!

With the deadline for virtual game submissions on February 17th, we’d like to invite OSE/Dolmenwood game masters to join in the fun and submit their virtual games to Gary Con.

Here’s the low down:

· GMs who volunteer will receive a complimentary Ethereal Badge and GM Rewards based on scheduled hours.

· All virtual mediums and platforms are welcome. However, Gary Con also offers a boosted Discord server to make things easier for you.

Want to submit your game for Gary Con XVI? Follow this guide on the Gary Con website and spread the joy of old-school gaming around the world!

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