New third-party settings, adventures, monsters, and guides for OSE! Check out the latest old-school RPG hotness!

New third-party settings, adventures, monsters, and guides for OSE! Check out the latest old-school RPG hotness!

Necrotic Gnome

OSE Third-Party OSE Adventures & Kickstarters

Operation B/X

Achtung! Initiative! Bloat Games and Small Niche Games (SNG) have teamed up to launch the Kickstarter for WWII: Operation B/X, a reimagination of SNG's popular game WWII: Operation WhiteBox, updated and expanded for OSE.

This campaign introduces two books: OBX: Core Rules (non-supernatural) and OBX: Into The Dark (a supernatural WWII setting with magic, psychic powers, monsters, and cybernetics). Mix and match to taste for that sweet spot between historical accuracy and supernatural horror.

Ready to swap out fighters and wizards for snipers and machine gunners? Then sign up for Operation B/X!

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What Lurks Beneath Tidewatch Tower

This compact OSE adventure for 3-5 characters of 3rd level is designed for a tight single session of play, perfect for a one-shot or quick jaunt within a coastal campaign. Players will delve into the secrets of a coastal tower and its caverns, seeking pirate treasure while contending with undead sea creatures, cunning cephalopods, and the influence of a cursed idol. Winner of a solid ‘No Regerts’ verdict from, What Lurks Beneath Tidewatch Tower also includes VTT-ready maps for easy online play.

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Creature Feature Quarterly 12 and Compendium

The Creature Feature Quarterly Zine has been unleashing cruel and cunning horrors for use in your old-school games for some time now, with two exciting projects on offer now. Issue 12, with 16 new monsters, is live on Kickstarter, but you can also snap up the Creature Feature Compendium. This compilation of 160 monsters from the first 10 issues, previously only available in PDF, now has a print option for purchase!

All Creature Feature products are more than simple statblocks—you get details on lore, ecology, tactics and more. Formatted for easy DIY printing at home, they are also fully illustrated and include files for paper minis and VTT tokens so you can represent these fearsome foes on your field of choice.

Creature Feature Quarterly 12 on Kickstarter
Creature Feature Compendium, Vol.1 on DTRPG

OSE Dungeon Crawling Cheat Sheet

Need some pointers on running a classic dungeon crawl with OSE? Then Hexed Press has you covered with a handy cheat sheet that helps track turns, light sources, and wandering monsters as the party explores the underworld.

Not only is the cheat sheet available for the unbeatable price of ‘whatever you want’, but Hexed Press page also features a video guide to help you get the most from your dungeon crawl!

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Don't Miss: The Painted Wasteland

The Painted Wastelands is an upcoming Kickstarter project set in a mysterious corner of a dreamlike world, featuring a detailed hex crawl adventure, over 100 unique monsters, and 4 dungeons, all brought to life by the psychedelic artwork of Tim Molloy. This intriguing new project has also teased two new classes—the dream magic-wielding Oneiromancer and the cat PC with a human pet!

The Kickstarter will feature various tiers covering PDFs, physical copies, limited editions, exclusive artwork, and goodies such as a Referee's Screen, Ectoplasm Dice, and a Deck of Strange Things.

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