Misty lands, ghoulish delights, and Aztec action! Get the latest OSE goodness right here!

Misty lands, ghoulish delights, and Aztec action! Get the latest OSE goodness right here!

Necrotic Gnome

OSE Third-Party OSE Adventures & Kickstarters

Land of Mist: A World Unknown

Boasting an array of distinctive and flavourful player character choices such as Enlightened Monsters, Gremlins, Rakes, and Hedgewitches, this OSE setting’s lavishly illustrated pages also contain rules for underwater exploration, domain governance, rune magic, dragon riding, large-scale warfare, and even the pursuit of immortality!

Looking for an evocative setting for your next campaign or some cool tweaks to borrow? Then why not explore the Land of Mist?


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Beneath The Ghoul Lair

What lies beneath the ghoul lair? Plenty of nastiness, but magic and fortune besides!

Originally designed for AD&D, this classic-style dungeon crawl adventure for character levels 2-4 is being updated with OSE rules, new spells, monsters, and locations, including variants for the titular ghouls (and PC ghoul transformation) to breathe some ‘life’ into these iconic antagonists. The Kickstarter has already met its funding goals, but you can still pledge for the best deal on physical and digital copies plus add-ons!

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Montezuma's Revenge

A ‘modern’ party of mercenaries is tasked with safeguarding the attendees of a clandestine ritual in Mexico, which escalates into a thrilling adventure with its roots in the long-lost Aztec empire and culminates in the possibility of restoring the Aztecs to their former glory. To make use of this unique scenario, you’ll need not just OSE, but also Modern Necessities, and Macuahuitl, with their powers combined for a truly different kind of campaign.

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Evocative One Page Fantasy Side Quest And Encounters

Tired of flipping pages at the table looking for adventure details? Then these 10 short one-page scenarios, each with GM and player maps, might be just the ticket. Each page is also formatted for printing so as to be convenient at the table, and packs in some options and complications to customise and expand them.

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The Pauper's Page

Downsized Press has been putting out some great stuff for OSE in this. Each issue includes story and campaign nuggets, new items, random tables, NPCs, mini encounters, gamemaster tips, and additional features to enhance your table. The digital downloads include versions optimised for reading and printing, and, as a pay-what-you-want product, paupers and princes alike can find their price point!

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The Perpetual Cheese

The decree of Dionysis draws doughty dwarves into a dangerous dairy dungeon, ripe for deeds of derring-do! Kobolds, blessed with the power of eternal cheesemaking, raid the land for cows and equipment, upsetting the economy and the local mountain clans. Will your PCs cut the cheese or flounder in the fromage? Find out in this free adventure!

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