Merry Mushmen launch adventure double feature! Plus new supplements, zines, and guides for OSE

Merry Mushmen launch adventure double feature! Plus new supplements, zines, and guides for OSE

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Merry Mushmen Adventure Double Feature

The magnificent Merry Mushmen, masterminds behind Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow and the Knock! zine, have launched a Kickstarter for a duo of new OSE modules:

The Horrendous Hounds of Hendenburgh combines folk horror with fairy-tale elements. In addition to the titular village and its colourful inhabitants, players can explore a hexed (pun intended) forest and three dungeon locations.

Raiding the Obsidian Keep is a location-based adventure set on a forbidding island in the wake of a failed invasion. Players must brave the Harbour of Death and Survivor Beach before even attempting to breach the keep and its horrors.

Sound tempting? Both adventures are aimed at levels 2-4 and are revamped and improved versions of previous critically acclaimed releases. With expanded content, higher production values, and optimizations for OSE, you can back this project to grab these premium products at a bargain price!

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Basic Wilderness Encounters

*Rolls dice* “So, you, uh, encounter, erm…three pixies”. Can the PCs see all of them? Just what are they up to anyway?

Enhance your wilderness adventures with these intriguing random encounters with listings for number, distance, surprise, and a few extra details to spice things up. Whether your party is navigating through enchanted forests or arid deserts, these encounters will save you prep and keep your players on their toes!

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d12 Monthly Rustic Classes

The latest issue of the d12 Monthly zine introduces more wilderness-based class options, monsters, locations, and traps for OSE, adding a fresh perspective to your campaigns.

From the Explorer class to new variants of advanced classics like the Ranger or Barbarian, this expansion is designed to offer new role-playing opportunities to enrich adventures that stray off the beaten track.

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Old Skull Underworld Generator

Random dungeon generation, guided and interpreted with intentionality, is one of the oldest arts of the game but can be difficult to pull off well. This handy resource for game masters is here to help you create intricate and perilous dungeon environments.

Containing all the elements you need to conjure a new underworld setting from scratch, it can be used to kickstart a campaign or even run solo dungeon crawls!

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Hole in the Oak Tutorial Video

New to old-school games and need a few pointers? Planning to run The Hole in the Oak soon? Well, you’re in luck! Hexed Press has teamed up with Bandit’s Keep to offer a tutorial of both the OSE basic rules and Hole in the Oak in video form.

More than just a simple live play, these experienced GMs cover pre-session prep and how game procedures translate to actual play. Learn key aspects and tips for running smooth, engaging sessions and how to bring The Hole in the Oak to life!

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