Journey into the Madlands, old-school adventures, domain play, and more! Check out what’s new in OSE!

Journey into the Madlands, old-school adventures, domain play, and more! Check out what’s new in OSE!

Necrotic Gnome

Third-Party OSE Adventures & Kickstarters

Journey into the Madlands: A Post-Apocalyptic Setting

The Journey into the Madlands Kickstarter by RPG Ramblings (creator of the excellent Gary’s Appendix) promises an exhilarating journey through a post-apocalyptic landscape.

The 52-page book contains a regional gazetteer and a bestiary of strange creatures for adventures in a ruined world. Explore the enigmatic Dredd Forest, tackle the technological terrors of the Kaku Robotics Factory, and navigate the political tensions of the town of Greenville. Using the Old-School Essentials ruleset, players can unleash their imagination in an intriguing setting far removed from typical medieval fantasy.

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Sword of the Dragonslayer

If you read the previous entry thinking, “Not enough swords and dragons for me!” don’t worry, Sword of the Dragonslayer has got you covered. This new OSE adventure module for levels 4-6 features a town and its environs under threat by a winged reptilian menace and haunted by a dubious legend of a mighty warrior and her magic dragon-slaying sword.

With detailed and challenging adventure locations, new monsters, NPCs, pre-generated characters, original art, and an ambient soundtrack, this module offers a top-notch classic fantasy experience for brave adventurers.

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Essential Enemies 7: Far Beyond Death

The fertile minds at Cthonstone Games are at it again! The Essential Enemies series of third-party OSE monster manuals has brought many fearsome foes to the fore, from otherworldly oddities to denizens of darkened woods, but the latest menagerie of malice defies death itself!

Find fanatical death cultists, skeletal nuns, mutant zombies, and other necrotic nasties in the latest issue, available in print and PDF!

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Wondrous and Perilous Treasures

Looking for some truly unique magic items to delight and challenge your players with? Then these two volumes, each with over 100 new magic items, are just the ticket. Aside from detailed rules for new weapons, armours, jewellery, and other trinkets, each volume is also fleshed out with gorgeous human-made art and evocative stories to add some intrigue to your items.

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Domains & Dominions

Domain play in old-school RPG is an ideal that few players reach, but it doesn’t have to be so daunting. Close the spreadsheet, calculator, and Domesday Book, and try this! Domains & Dominions offers a streamlined, engaging OSE-compatible system for managing the domain game, scalable economics, and political influence from a small player base to entire kingdoms.

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