International Old-School Essentials news! Dimension-hopping and new campaign settings for OSE!

International Old-School Essentials news! Dimension-hopping and new campaign settings for OSE!

OSE In China!

The old-school spirit is strong in every corner of the world! In our last newsletter, you may remember Blood Castle, an OSE adventure from China. But did you know that OSE now has an official Chinese translation? We're thrilled to announce our partnership with Old School Games, who have released an official Chinese translation of the Old-School Essentials range, including the Classic Game Set, the referee's screen, and The Hole in the Oak!

It's been truly amazing to see a positive response to the classic style of fantasy adventure gaming in China, where official localisations of Western RPG products are rare. The Chinese OSE community is already contributing to the game we all love by creating their own settings and supplements. Future plans for Chinese localisation of Necrotic Gnome products include the Dolmenwood game set as well as the Carcass Crawler zine and more OSE adventures.

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We're excited to welcome all OSE players in China to our global community!

New OSE Crowdfunding Projects

Old-School Essentials in French, Deuxième Vague

A new wave of old-school goodness is also rising in Europe, with the announcement of the crowdfunding project for an official translation and print run of more fantastic OSE books and adventures than you can shake a guisarme-voulge at, including the Advanced Fantasy Player's and Referee's Tomes and flagship scenarios such as Halls of the Blood King and Holy Mountain Shaker.

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You Should Never Have Come Here

A 'TPK adventure' for OSE that terrorised TotalCon 37, You Should Never Have Come Here is a challenging scenario designed for players seeking to truly test their mettle, suitable for one-shot or conventions. Daring characters of levels 3-5 are charged with retrieving the hidden organs of the deceased warlock Zor Zaynne from a trap-filled tomb. Having reached its funding goals in just 42 minutes, backers can still pledge for a PDF or printed copy at early bird prices!

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Third-Party Old-School Essentials Products

Planar Compass 3

Planar Compass 3: Time Priests of ORDO is the latest installment in the ongoing interplanar odyssey for Old-School Essentials. This supplement explores the plane of Law and Time known as Ordo, revealing the mysteries of the Chanicoids and the heart of their theocratic empire.

Building upon the foundation of the previous two issues, the supplement introduces two new classes—the Time Priest and Chanicoid. Players can delve into divine spells of law and time, encounter new monsters, explore dungeons, and engage in unique activities like clockwork beetle jousting.

If you're looking to add some weird fantasy with a temporal twist to your old-school gaming experience, then pick up Planar Compass 3 and plan a trip to Ordo!

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The Scourge of Northland

The Scourge of Northland is a beginner-friendly sandbox adventure campaign for low-level characters by Gelatinous Cubism Games, the team behind such hits as The Shadow of Tower Silveraxe.

Set in a contested region with escalating tensions between human settlements, orc tribes, and more mysterious threats, the 60-page book features a variety of keyed adventure locations, dungeons, NPCs, treasure maps, and unique magic items, all laid out with an eye for usability at the table and accompanied by Jacob Fleming’s gorgeous art.

The expansive Northland region offers diverse landscapes, both wild and settled, providing ample opportunities for adventurers to explore mysterious ruins, delve into dungeons, and engage in urban intrigue—the perfect place to kick off your campaign!

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The Valley of Flowers: Wildenrem Volume One

The Valley of Flowers is a mythic fantasy campaign setting inspired by chivalric romance and tailored for use with Old-School Essentials, spanning 150 full-colour pages full of locations, encounters, factions, NPCs, rumours, items, and hooks, supporting extensive sandbox-style campaign play in the strange and treacherous corners of Gnolune, the Valley of Flowers. Explore The Godsloshed Abbey, The Prison of Sir Thibauld, The Perfumed Tomb of the Necropoet, and more!

The Valley of Flowers also introduces an original system of Oaths & Quests to help you introduce some mythic flavour with tangible consequences for your characters and campaign world. Need some more motivation than simple gold and glory? Find it here!

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