Gods of the Forbidden North 2 Kickstarter is live! Modern Necessities for OSE, new modules, and more!

Gods of the Forbidden North 2 Kickstarter is live! Modern Necessities for OSE, new modules, and more!

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Gods of the Forbidden North: Volume 2 Kickstarter is live!

Pulp Hummock Press’s Gods of the Forbidden North epic mega-campaign for advanced OSE continues! After GOTFN Volume 1 detailed the overworld and low-level locales of this pulp adventure setting, Volume 2 ups the stakes with deeper dungeons, higher levels, and richer treasures to take your adventures from 5th to 12th level.

Explore the Underworld of Malgorgia, the Tower of the All-Seeing-Eye, or any of the detailed dungeons packed with new items, traps, and monsters. GOTFN Vol 2 connects hundreds of pages of material into a cohesive campaign that should keep action and intrigue flowing at your table for many sessions to come. Kickstarter backers also get the chance to snag premium offset prints of Volumes 1 and 2!

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Modern Necessities- Professional Edition

Scrying Dutchman’s Modern Necessities is back in a slick new edition that brings all the mod cons to your OSE game—classes, firearms, equipment, vehicles, magic, and NPCs, allowing you to run purely modern campaigns, urban fantasy, or mix and match to taste. Goblin gangsters with magical machine guns? Dwarven drag racing? Unleash your imagination and back Modern Necessities now!

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Populated Hexes Monthly Issue 32

Dive into the enchanting world of artifacts and relics with Populated Hexes Monthly! The latest issue aims to empower the referee in crafting potent and perilous artifacts and relics. Ditch the standard-issue Sword, +1 and use these innovative adaptations to inject some mystery into magical items and keep players guessing.

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The Crippled Snake

Set in a tropical peninsula filled with exotic creatures and factions, this old-school module promises a non-linear adventure with perils and treasures for characters of levels 5-8.

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The Valley of Flowers

Arthurian and weird fiction combine in this unique and beautiful setting book of 144 full-colour pages. Players can explore the world of Wildendrem and encounter adventure sites, dungeons, factions, powerful beings, monsters, NPCs, and arcane relics. Featuring an original system of Oaths and Quests, for player-driven roleplaying, The Valley of Flowers is now available in print and PDF, complete with VTT-ready maps.

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The Kalunga Plateau

Uncover untold riches hidden within forgotten caverns guarded by monstrous beasts and proud tribes. This 3-issue zine details a primal setting with special character creation rules, new spells, creatures, and a plethora of tables. Designed for OSE by Gustavo Tertoleone of Pitch Black Lair, each issue features vibrant covers with black-and-white interiors and includes a PDF copy.

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