Get a sneak peek at Tome of Essential Horrors II! Plus, diversify your dragons and explore a dead god!

Get a sneak peek at Tome of Essential Horrors II! Plus, diversify your dragons and explore a dead god!

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Tome of Essential Horrors II Preview

Coming soon to a Kickstarter near you, The Tome of Essential Horrors 2 by Necromancer Games builds on its predecessor, introducing over 100 new and classic monsters for Old-School Essentials, sourced from the extensive bestiary of Frog God/Necromancer Games.

To give you an idea of the richly gameable menagerie of monstrosities that awaits you, Necromancer Games has released a preview PDF, teasing a slick design, readable layout, a full list of contents, and handy pre-made encounter scenarios that spark ideas on how to introduce each monster at the table. The preview showcases eight complete monster entries, including the fearsome Crimson Basilisk, the dreaded Dream Spectre, and the brutal Jack-In-Irons.

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Gary's Appendix: Issue 6 - Dragons!

Gary’s Appendix returns, this time focusing on dragons of all shapes and sizes. Inspired by the classic AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide and featuring contributions from leading authors in the OSR community, Issue 6 contains strategies for playing dragons as well as ideas for their ecology, diet, and attitudes. You’ll also find expanded entries on monsters from the Old-School Essentials collection as well as new draconic foes to enrich your bestiary.

With Kickstarter having already met its funding goals, backers can add on previous zines and adventures for a veritable hoard of rewards.

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Settlers of a Dead God

Explore a world formed from the decomposing body of a dead deity in this original setting for Old-School Essentials. Inhabitants, initially insects, have evolved into powerful insectoids, forming tribes, cities, and kingdoms in an age of discovery.

With detailed geography and history, new creatures, rules for insectoid characters, stress, and travel, this 96-page book (available in PDF and hardcover) also includes an introductory adventure in this unique and mysterious setting.

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Gateway To Adventure Trilogy for Old-School Essentials

Enter the Mid-Realm, setting of hit OSE adventures like Hidden Hand of the Horla and Solar Sanctuary of the Cannibal Corpse with detailed lore, magic, combat, and character options for this rich world.

Pre-orders are now available for this trio of books, in print and PDF, including:

  • Character Compendium: New classes and kinships, including Duck, Wild Elf, Mirror Mage, Witch, and more. Plus, additional options and tweaks for classic OSE classes.
  • Contemplations and Combat Conspectus: Spice up combat with maneuvres, fighting styles, and variant systems for initiative and saving throws. Includes tourney rules for jousting, archery, and other combat sports.
  • Caster’s Codex: Make magic with new spells for Mid-Realm characters and classic OSE classes, as well as rituals and non-vancian casting rules.

Buyers can also add on a plethora of products to their orders, including previous Appendix N Adventures and the official OSE rules tomes!

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