Old-School Essentials Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!

Old-School Essentials Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales!

We have exciting news to share including amazing deals on Old-School Essentials products at the Exalted Funeral Black Friday and DriveThruRPG Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. So let's dig in!

Exalted Funeral Black Friday Sale

Exalted Funeral are having their Black Friday 30% off storewide sale which includes all Necrotic Gnome products! This is a great opportunity to add any Old-School Essentials books in print + PDF missing from your collection. An exclusive OSE Starter Bundle is also available for just $50 (more than 50% off!), which includes the Classic Fantasy Rules Tome, Classic Fantasy Player's Rules Tome, Deluxe Referee's Screen, and the acclaimed adventure The Hole in the Oak! Check out the starter bundle HERE – a perfect gift to introduce someone to the game! The sale is running from Thursday 24th November at midnight EST and ends Monday 28th November at midnight EST. Don't miss out, check out the deals on all Necrotic Gnome products at Exalted Funeral!


DriveThruRPG Black Friday/Cyber Monday

It's sales season at DriveThruRPG, with fantastic discounts of up to 33% off on all Necrotic Gnome's digital titles! Now is your chance to grab PDF copies of the Old-School Essentials core books, adventures, and Carcass Crawler zines at great prices! Load them up your reading tablet, or use them on a computer during your next VTT or online gaming session. The sale continues through Monday 28th November. Check it out HERE!


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