Erol Otus OSE Prints, Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow, 2024’s most anticipated RPG, and more!

Erol Otus OSE Prints, Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow, 2024’s most anticipated RPG, and more!

Necrotic Gnome

Erol Otus OSE Prints!

The renowned and inimitable Erol Otus has added ‘Necrotic Gargantuan’, the cover art for the OSE Classic Game Set, to his web store for sale as fine art reproductions!

Don’t miss your chance to adorn your home or office space with this unique vision of psychedelic fantasy. And, if you’d like to display your good taste on your chest as well as your wall, grab a T-shirt print from Exalted Funeral too!

Necrotic Gargantuan 9X12"

Limited Edition Necrotic Gargantuan 14X20"

Third-Party OSE Adventures & Supplements!

Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow

Nightmare Over Ragged Hollow is the long-awaited OSE edition of Joseph R. Lewis’ acclaimed Ragged Hollow Nightmare, one of ‘The Best’ rated adventures on Tenfootpole. This revamped version, with new artwork and features, expertly blends dungeon crawl fantasy and folk tale whimsy with added dreamy strangeness and body horror.

The expanded sandbox module packs around 410 sessions worth of old-school goodness in 80 pages, including three adventure mini-sites, three dungeons, a 50-room dungeon, hexes with 16 detailed locations, allies/rivals, and pre-generated characters, all under a deadly countdown.

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Scout Magazine Vol.2

Upgrade your old-school adventures with Scout Magazine Volume II! The new issue introduces four dynamic classes: the stalker, shadowborn, mystic, and transmuter. The PDF contains 72 new spells for the transmuter, 22 new potions, 9 new monsters, and alternative systems for mana-point spellcasting, intense skirmishing procedures, and domain politics to add some extra spice to your campaign.

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Mercs and Masters - A Hireling Deck for Old-School Essentials

Mercs and Masters is a deck of 50 cards featuring unique and memorable henchmen and specialists for OSE. Each card showcases stunning art, detailed personality notes, and full stat blocks, making every character a vivid addition to your campaign. From wizards with peculiar taboos to wolf-raised warriors, these supporting characters are far from generic hirelings.

Available as a boxed set or PDF, this deck also includes Blood Fish Isle, a complimentary hex crawl adventure, as an extra bonus for backers. Don't miss the chance to bring these unforgettable characters to life in your next gaming session!

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EN World's 5th Most Anticipated RPG

Yes, Dolmenwood has made EN World’s 10 Most Anticipated TTRPGs For 2024! Based on the votes of thousands of the site’s quarter-million+ users, Necrotic Gnome’s upcoming old-school folkloric fantasy game is already ranking as one of the most desirable new RPGs of the year.

Of course, that’s in no small part thanks to our own community of dedicated fans, Kickstarter backers, and pioneering players and Referees who are already foraying into Dolmenwood at their tables. And don’t forget that discounted pre-orders are still available!


Dolmenwood Preorder Store

Dolmenwood and OSE Kickstarter Stats

According to the latest RPG Kickstarter Geeklist Tracking from RPGGeek, Dolmenwood is the number 1 standalone RPG Kickstarter of 2023 by funding total! But that’s not all. Our fairy-haunted forest setting may be at the top of the indie pile, but the OSE system is going from strength to strength. A total of 45 Kickstarter projects launched for OSE in 2023, more than for any other RPG system except for the obvious market leader. If you’re planning a third-party Kickstarter for OSE, get in touch! We’re always happy to share the news.

Thanks again to all backers, buyers, and players of Dolmenwood and OSE! For more news and deals on upcoming and current releases, watch this space!

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