Exalted Funeral 20% Off Sale, Old-School Essentials on Foundry VTT, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more!

Exalted Funeral 20% Off Sale, Old-School Essentials on Foundry VTT, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more!

We have exciting news to share, including the Exalted Funeral 20% Off Sale, Old-School Essentials on Foundry VTT, recent third-party products and Kickstarters, and more. So let's dig in!

Exalted Funeral 20% Off Sale

Exalted Funeral are having their annual 20% off storewide sale from July 15th-17th! You'll have the chance to get some great deals on official Old-School Essentials products, and third-party adventures and supplements. The sale begins 12:01am EST, Friday 15th July. Click HERE!

Some of our highlights include:

Necrotic Gnome Products

The Incandescent Grottoes – A classic expedition into the Mythic Underworld for character levels characters 1-2.
Winter's Daughter – A romantic fairy tale dungeon adventure for character levels 1-2.
OSE Lich King Short Sleeve T-shirt With art by Peter Mullen from the cover of the Old-School Essentials Advanced Fantasy Referee's Tome.

Third Party Products for Old-School Essentials

Rackham Vale – A setting based on the illustrations of Arthur Rackham.
Harrowings 3: Muspelhell – A 112-page dungeon adventure.
Zed & Two Noughts – A 0-level character funnel.


Old-School Essentials on Foundry VTT

We're excited to announce that official support for Old-School Essentials will be coming to Foundry VTT this summer! Available premium modules will include the complete Advanced Fantasy game, adventures, and Carcass Crawler zine issues. More news coming soon!


Third Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters

Whisper & Venom

Coming soon from Frog God Games for Old-School Essentials! A sandbox setting and adventure set in the Whisper Vale, an isolated community beset by an outside supernatural force that broke the barrier between worlds. The Kickstarter will include a hardcover book, poster map, and 28mm miniatures. Sign up HERE to get notified when the campaign launches!


Recent Third Party Old-School Essentials Products

Through the Valley of the Manticore

From creator Jacob Fleming, this is a follow-up to his acclaimed debut adventure, In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe. In Through the Valley of the Manticore, players traverse winding sandstone slot-canyons and explore natural cave systems rumored to contain hidden relics of immense value and magical power. Sooner or later they may realize that they are mere pawns in a game being played by an unnaturally intelligent monster. They will need cunning as well as strength in order to overcome this bizarre and terrifying tale. Use it as a standalone adventure, graft it onto your existing campaign wherever you find a mountainous region, or drop in any of the dungeons as a one-shot. PDF from DriveThruRPG and itch.io. Print + PDF from gelatinouscubism.bigcartel.com.



This is a fantasy music audio tapezine, featuring selections from talented and inventive tuneweavers totaling to nearly 90 minutes of unrepentant fantasy audio triumph. CANDLE II includes original character class, an all-new system of alignment roleplaying determined by the stars, a dungeon crawl packed with nautical haunts and salty spooks, an interview with the one and only Luka Rejec, a feature from Reddit and dungeon synth legend Kaptain Carbon. Available from DriveThruRPG and Bandcamp.


Devin Knight's Classic and Advanced Monster Tokens

These sets of virtual table-top tokens by Devin Knight match the entries for the monster lists in Old-School Essentials Classic and Advanced Fantasy. Compatible with VTT platforms such as Roll20, Foundry VTT, and Fantasy Grounds. Get the Classic Fantasy monster tokens HERE. Get the Advanced Fantasy monster tokens HERE!


The Underhalls of Frostwound

This is an adventure set in a frozen citadel and its forgotten underhalls. Characters will be drawn into the mysteries of the place guided by the nightmares that haunt their rest. Ignore them, and you will fall into madness. Includes five distinct adventure sites, a frozen citadel and its doomed inhabitants, four evolving nightmares and visions to haunt your party, and new creatures that wander the old citadel beneath Frostwound. PDF from itch.io.


d12 Monthly, Issue #13

This is a special Old-School Essentials issue! It features articles on expanding the thief skills, new rules including how to handle monsters only hit with magic weapons, two brand new classes for Old-School Essentials, new rules for critical hits and fumbles, and much more! Print + PDF from YUM/DM.


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