Dolmenwood Unlocked Kickstarter Stretch Goals, Dolmenwood Deep Dive Videos, Third-Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters, and More!

Dolmenwood Unlocked Kickstarter Stretch Goals, Dolmenwood Deep Dive Videos, Third-Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters, and More!

We have exciting news Dolmenwood Unlocked Kickstarter Stretch Goals, restocks of Old-School Essentials products at Exalted Funeral, Dolmenwood Deep Dive videos, third-party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters, and more. So let's dig in!

Dolmenwood Kickstarter All Stretch Goals Unlocked!

We are incredibly excited to share that our ongoing Dolmenwood Kickstarter campaign is exceeding all expectations for stretch goals!

Alongside the three core books for Dolmenwood, our backers will now also enjoy a range of fantastic, extra freebies:

Four thrilling adventures set in Dolmenwood. (PDF / Hardcover)
A book of maps, featuring exquisite full-color two-page maps. (PDF / flexicover)
Soundtrack album by Tales Under the Oak, now expanded with two tracks.
Atmospheric sound loop downloads.
A fungal dice foraging bag.


Don't miss out if you haven't pledged yet! Dolmenwood is a fantasy adventure game set in a lavishly detailed world inspired by the fairy tales and eerie folklore of the British Isles. Like traditional fairy tales, Dolmenwood blends the dark and whimsical, the wondrous and weird. There are 3 Dolmenwood core books, plus a range of adventuresminismaps, and extras — ready for years of adventure!

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Restocks of Old-School Essentials Products at Exalted Funeral  

Due to the huge surge of sales of Old-School Essentials books after the OGL debacle earlier this year, which resulted in a number of our titles selling out, we are excited to let you know that Exalted Funeral has just received a full restock of official Old-School Essentials products! This includes newly reprinted Advanced Fantasy Tomes, the Deluxe Referee’s Screen, and all the official adventures! Buy them HERE! 

3d6 Down the Line Dolmenwood Deep Deep Dive Videos

Join Jon from the 3d6 Down the Line YouTube channel for three videos which offer a comprehensive exploration of the Dolmenwood roleplaying game!

Part 1, Jon dives into the Dolmenwood Player's Book, which presents the information required for character creation, including all the wondrous kindreds and classes from which players can choose, and all of the core rules for the game.

In Part 2, Jon dives into the Dolmenwood Monster Book, which details 87 weird and wondrous creatures, plus many more animals and folk native to the perilous wood.

In Part 3, Jon dives into the Dolmenwood Campaign Book, sifting through the multitude of secrets hidden in Dolmenwood, the machinations of seven powerful factions, sixteen unique settlements, 200 richly detailed hexes, and much, much more!

Watch Part 1 on the Dolmenwood Player's book HERE!

Watch Part 2 on the Dolmenwood Monster book HERE!

Watch Part 3 on the Dolmenwood Campaign book HERE!


Third-Party Old-School Essentials Kickstarters


From the creative minds at Appendix N Entertainment, known for their numerous third-party products for Old-School Essentials, comes the concluding installment of the Heaven and Hell Trilogy's bestiary. This volume is teeming with envoys of order poised to confront the demons featured in the preceding two editions of this series. This tome breathes a new life into timeless entities, where you'll discover celestial beings of all ranks, from the humble Angel and Putti, to the majestic Lilend, Hounds of Heaven, Amittari, not to mention the Virtues like Elementar, and much more! Pledge NOW!


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