Dolmenwood album release, new adventures and supplements for OSE!

Dolmenwood album release, new adventures and supplements for OSE!

Necrotic Gnome

Kickstarting it Old-School at Gary Con

What a week! Gavin Norman (Necrotic Gnome founder) attended Gary Con and was honoured to present a panel called “Kickstarting it Old-School” with Ben Milton (Questing Beast) and Kelsey Dionne (The Arcane Library).

We’d like to thank everyone who attended. It was great to share our experiences on crowdfunding for old-school RPG products and hopefully spread some hard-earned wisdom to future creators! Ben will be sharing some insightful stats on the growth of old-school Kickstarters on his YouTube channel soon.

Dolmenwood Official Soundtrack Out Now!

We have a treat for Dolmenwood and dungeon synth fans this week with the public release of Beyond the Witching Ring, the official Dolmenwood soundtrack album by fantasy synth wizard Tales Under The Oak.

These ambient psychedelia-infused synth tracks will take you on an aural journey through gargantuan fungal colonies, the realm of the Nag-Lord, the depths of Lake Longmere, and other locales amidst the shadowy, fairy-haunted forests of Dolmenwood. Perfect for game session background music, adventure inspiration, or pure enjoyment! Beyond the Witching Ring is available for streaming and purchase in various formats on Bandcamp, along with Tales Under The Oak’s enchanting back catalogue.

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Third-Party OSE Adventures and Kickstarters

BX Advanced Bestiary, Vol. 2

The BX Advanced Bestiary enhances monsters by providing additional options and variations. Designed for use with Old-School Essentials, it offers expanded versions of creatures found in the standard OSE bestiary. Creatures such as elementals, hydras, and others gain new sizes, special qualities, and subtypes in this series, adding some extra spice and variety to campaigns. Currently Kickstarting is the second volume, covering classic monsters from Efreeti to Killer Bee. 

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The House under the Moondial

Has Dolmenwood got you pining for more fairy-fuelled adventure? This new OSE module tailored for level 3–4 characters invites you to discover an isolated village brimming with secrets, delve into mysterious dungeons, and explore a perilous Fae Realm filled with enchanting foes and uncertain allies. The House Under The Moondial is available in print form as well as interactive PDFs, both versions including a Referee's Toolkit and player-friendly VTT maps.

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Gravestone of Decay

In the unforgiving sands of a vast desert, a recently uncovered tomb has drawn the attention of adventurers, cultists, and archaeologists alike. Known as the Gravestone of Decay, this tomb beckons daring explorers to uncover its secrets and claim its riches.

Designed for levels 4–6, this challenging yet rewarding adventure features a sprawling 35-room dungeon, complete with a pointcrawl to reach it, four factions, new monsters, abundant magic items, treasures, and interactive elements.

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Beyond Basic, Vol. 1

For anyone looking for a bit more crunch to their characters—we know you’re out there—Beyond Basic offers some new character options for OSE without over-complicating the game. Here you’ll find x-in-6 skill systems for a variety of activities, plus combat mastery rules and a variant system for character levelling.

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